Job interview Monday 4-29-13

  1. So I currently work at a TCU (rehab nursing home) as a unit secretary and CNA. The pay is low, I love my residents though. I just got accepted to the RN program fall 2013. But once I am a nurse I want to work in the hospital. So I have a job interview on Monday April 29th at 1:45pm. The good thing is they also offer the SNAP program which will be what I really want once I have completed 2 semesters of nursing school. I like that the Hospital offers hours around my upcoming school schedule and I can be per diem, where as the job I'm at I can't change the hours. I haven't worked in a hospital since 2009, I have missed it. I left the hospital before because I wanted to finish up pre-reqs. The other hospital only had 12 hour shifts. This one has the option of 8 hr shifts or 12 hr shifts. Well here is to hoping I get the job The recruiter was like so many people are interested in you here so pretty much I get to pick where I want to work. I've been a CNA for 10 years. I hope they still have the ER tech position open, that would be the one I would pick. Anyone else have job interviews coming up?

    Good luck to anyone else at their job interviews
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  3. by   virgolove34
    I had a job interview on Monday that went South before I could even think about it. I hadn't been on an interview in 3 years, but I also had three interviews on Thursday and two of them said I would know at the end of next week because they had more interviews. The third one said I would know something by Monday or Tuesday. I have another interview on this coming Monday. I've been blessed to have so many interviews, now I just would like a job offer. In those 3 interviews Thursday, I felt I did real good but idk because two of the jobs have closed when I look at the application status. I'm trying to still be hopeful though. I have no health related experience though. Good luck at your interview though. Working at a hospital will definitely help once you finish the RN program. Let us know how it goes.
  4. by   MommaTy
    That is great that you were actually called for interviews. I have been putting in applications to all the local hospital for 6 months. Finally one called. I hope you get a job offer soon. Good luck, I will update after the interview and if I do or don't get the job.
  5. by   mvm2
    Momma Ty Good Luck i hope indeed you get the job. What a wonderful opertunity for you, and it will be a great adition to your reseme when you become a new grad nurse!!

    Virglove that is a lot of interviews in one week. Hopefully with all that work you have done you will be rewarded with a job. Tell us how it turns out and good luck
  6. by   blwilliams10
    Congrats on getting accepted to NS this fall; I had an interview last week and it went great. It will be my first CNA job; I am waiting on my background check to come back still, but the DON told me I should be starting by Wednesday as long is it's all clear (which it is). Best of luck with your interview Monday
  7. by   mvm2
    It's an hour past your appointment time... Hope it all went well for you. Hope you don't mind I sent a little prayer your way.
  8. by   1feistymama
    So very happy for you!! It sure sounds promising. I hope this is everything you want it to be and more.
  9. by   virgolove34
    mommty.. hope your interview went well.. hoping and praying you get offered the position..

    out of all the interviews i've been on in the past 7 days, i got offered a flexipool/resource position which didn't sound great at first, but it's very convenient with me being in nursing school and i adore my manager.

    goodluck all
  10. by   1feistymama
    Virgolove - don't pass up that flexipool position. 12 years ago, I intereviewed for 2 positions and really had my heart set on one. I never heard from them, but I was offered the job for the other position. It was a temp position that turned out to be for a phenomenal company. I realized later that this company would have many more opportunities than the job I originally hoped for. I worked as a temp for a year and have been here 11 years as a regular employee. If I wanted to stay in Business, I would certainly stay here, but since I want to be a nurse, I will have to leave.

    Sometimes, the position that sounds less than desireable at first turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

    Being a flex job, you will have the opportunity to network with SO MANY PEOPLE and potentially open up a LOT of doors that may make the difference when you're looking for that new grad position.

    Best of luck to both of you ladies. I hope you are truly happy!!
  11. by   mvm2
    virgolove so very happy for you. I really think it is a wonderful job for someone who is in school. Is it like a perdem like position where if you don't want to take the shift you don't have to. also I think that 1feistmama is exactly right that it will allow you to get the foot in the door for many positions in the future. Good Luck and I hope it will be a great job for you while you are in school
  12. by   WannaBNursey
    MommaTy, how did that interview go?
  13. by   1feistymama
    Okay, MommaTy, the suspense is killing us.

    How do you think it went?
  14. by   virgolove34
    Thank you ladies. I'm really grateful to have got this job. I'm gonna love getting the exposure to the different units. I'm excited to be able to get my foot in the door. Good luck to you all. Mommaty how did it go?