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I was at the clinic today and I spoke to a girl who was an LPN and me and her got into a conversation about how she went about becoming an LPN. I shared with her that I was going to take a CNA course... Read More

  1. by   Graduation2016
    Oh! I just re-read my post and I want to explain something. When I referred to cleaning only babies butts I was saying it because the OP had someone tell her "why would you want to wipe butts?" The reality is that many nurses do. Some don't. Some nurses get their patients wanter, some don't. Being a CNA has taught me a lot including the type of nurse I want to be in the future and most of all the type of nurse I DON'T want to be!
  2. by   MrsStudentNurse
    Being a CNA will undoubtedly build at least some of a foundation for nursing. Is it glamorous? Heck no. Do I sometimes surprise myself when I'm helping a 75 year old man go pee? Absolutely. I think it's a confidence booster, at least for myself. Experience is EVERYTHING. How one get's it varies but even if you do it and decide you can't do it, at least you gained some knowledge and it was free!! Good luck!
  3. by   Purple93
    Haha! I'm a CNA in a hospital and let me tell you, our nurses get down and dirty. All of the nurses at my facility readily help me wipe someones butt, give baths and everything. It is in their scope they just have a much wider scope but I truly appreciate it because I know they are super busy and the fact that they don't think it's above them to help me is awesome. But on another note I personally believe it was worth it for me. I did my CNA class last fall semester and just started working as one in April. It's only been a month and I know already that I do not want to become a nurse. Before I became a CNA I was so confused about if it's what I wanted to do and luckily I took the time to become a CNA so I wouldn't waste even more time becoming a nurse and THEN finding out it wasn't for me. Don't get me wrong, I love what nurse do but it is not for everyone. So I would advice that you become a CNA especially if it's free and go from there. Well good luck in either way you choose.
  4. by   Swellz
    At my hospital, CNAs and techs work side-by-side, but the techs have more clinical responsibilities. If I had planned better, I would have done an EMT program to work during school. That being said, I think it is fantastic that you want to work in one of these roles. I did not appreciate how much CNAs and techs did until I was a nurse extern, which is a parallel position on my floor. I do wish I could have made what a tech makes though... they pay the externs a lot less at my hospital.