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  1. Hey Everyone, I'm Caitlin. I am starting my CNA program on October 26th and I will be graduating from in on December 26th. It's the full length course, packed into 8 weeks. I am determined to get through the class with an A, and I'm hoping to continue from there and go through the RN course. I decided to take the CNA course first so that I could get out of my lame telemarketing job and into a job related to my profession asap while I am working on my RN Degree. I'm hoping this forum will help, it sure looks like it will. Is there anything I should know about CNA before the class comes? :spin:
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    Welcome and good luck
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    Welcome to Allnurses!
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    Quote from Cwood0188
    Is there anything I should know about CNA before the class comes? :spin:
    Yes. Always put your safety first. Think about your back in everything you do. If you can't do it safely, for you and the resident, don't do it at all.
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    hey there caitlin! welcome to the board. best wishes with the cna program and in the nursing program afterwards. my only advise is to soak it all in. it will form the foundation for your nursing career and you will learn things that you will always use in your nursing career. ask questions if you are unsure, and just practice your skills and remember that each skill goes towards making a patient/resident feel better.
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    Hi caitlin! Congrats on your first post and your CNA program. I am in the last five weeks of mine now and am loving it. I know you will too. Have fun with it and soak it all in, like someone said. I think it is great as a foundation for the nursing program. I hope to be entering the program in fall of 08!
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    Hi & Welcome! Good luck in your nursing career.
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    Hi and Welcome,

    Congrats on your move into the nursing field and best of luck to you.

    My advice is to simply learn and EXPERIENCE all you can. If given an opportunity to try something ...by all means... try it. Book smarts are great to have but experience and confidence in what you can do will take you far.

    BEST OF LUCK and if any questions along the way...you have a world of nursing knowledge in this site..
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    Hello!! Welcome to allnurses and the cna forum
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    I finish my cna class this wed, my strong advice is to go to red cross buy their cna testing preparation manual. It cost around 28.00 dollars. it will show you the 40 skills you have to know in order to pass state exam. if possible get it and start memorizng the steps now, because you need to know how to make a occupied bed, range of motion, bed bath, washing hands ect. they are very specific on the way you do your skills, the book will show you step by step, you also need to learn to take blood pressure, temp, pulse, respirations. everyone in my class is stressing over learning the skills, our test is this comming friday:uhoh21: get a head start and you will be fine:spin: by the way iam in the monterey bay area(calif).
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