Gossip in the work place!

  1. Right now I am currently a CNA or what I like to say caregiver at a nursing home and its my first job what so ever, I've been there five months come May 8th. I'm trying to get in to nursing school I pretty much know what to expect from nursing school. But that isn't why I am here today. I have a problem, well lots and lots of problems, but there is only one that is burning my back side like a brand right now.

    I know that being new to the job and the company that people are going to gossip and people are going to give me a hard time. However, I'm at my wits end with it all! I don't want to quit my job I love the people I care for and I like some of the people that I work with.

    But then there's the people on the other shifts that have not really worked closely with me that are saying. "Oh you have to work with him I heard he sucks!" and "I'm not calling him to cover for me 'cause I know that he down right sucks."

    Now I know that I'm not the best and I have a lot to improve on but I feel that if a coworker has a problem with how I do my job then they need to come to me and say somthing and if there is time show me how to do it the right way. But mostly its the other aides, I think though its just one that is going around saying this and they have not worked with me closely, that say these things. The nurses I work under have commented on how much I have improved and how they seem to not have a problem with what I do.

    I keep telling myself that the reason most of these other aides are saying this is because I'm new and I will admit I have made some mistakes witch I feel is expected being a first time aide. I also know who some of the aides that are saying this and I really want to confront them and ask "How do I suck at my job?" because I think that if I down right sucked at my job some of my residence would be complaining and I think that the nurses would be writing me up left and right and most of all I would have been fired by now. I myself think that I must be good enough if I'm always the one the the ADON calls to come in to cover for people who are "caugh caugh" sick or who decide not to show up.

    I have also decided that after the other night when I chose to go into cover for someone, when all I wanted to do was lay around and watch tv and be lazy, who claimed to have had the runs and a fever that I am no longer covering for that person after the nurse told me that next time not to cover for him unless I down right wanted to or needed the money because he said "Im not calling him he sucks" she told me that he said to him "I dont have a problem with him I like working with him" and she also informed me that he didnt really look sick and he never once was in the bathroom at work. I knew he wasn't sick I wanted to just reach up and feel his forehead as soon as he started giving report to me because he seemed fine and then if he wasnt warm back out at the last minute, but I thought no Im already here and I do need the extra money. But its just the principal of the thing I guess.

    So I pretty much just want to know if it would be wise to go ask some of my coworkers if I down right suck at my job. I also want to know if it would be wise to say to one of them that want me to cover there shift "No because I know that you think I don't do a good job". And I guess it wouldn't hurt if I wanted to know if I was going about things the right way or not? :spin:
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  4. by   student forever
    This is a reminder to me to not be silent when I know that a co-worker has done a good job and really is a team player, etc., and is getting a bad rap from someone.
  5. by   nguyency77
    People always talk about new people. The way I dealt with it was just to tell them, "Hey, so I'm not so good at _________ yet. If you got a moment later, can you show me how you do it?" Not only can you learn things from coworkers, but they also get to see you work. It kind of makes them eat their own words.

    This girl used to talk crap about me all the time when I was new, but when she realized I worked really fast, was always safe, had nothing but good feedback from patients and families, and never got written up, she shut up.

    I've said before that we aren't here to be BFF with our coworkers. If they're jerks, they're jerks. Don't stoop to their level and talk about them behind their backs. Hold your head up and do your work. And know that we're always learning no matter where we are.
  6. by   missie1
    My advise to Indiana is to just ignore the comments you have heard or been told. You have proven that you know your job, your willing to learn more, and your a team player who will cover for another. In time the rest won't matter. Good luck!!
  7. by   IdianaCNA1993
    I know that I'm going to work this weekend with two that have said things and have also said that I'm anti-social, "well derrrrr Im here to do my job not sit and have tea and talk about politics" is what I want to say to them. I think that I'm going to see how things go and if they dont go so good I'm going to see about switching weekends because on the opposite weekends the girls and I get along great and we work as a team and the nurses dont play favorites.
  8. by   nguyency77
    They'll get over it eventually. Cuz one of these days, those smack-talking chicks are gonna come down the hall with their cutest (o_O?) puppy-dog face on, asking you "Can you help me turn this really big patient?" And you'll probably feel secretly vindicated.

    Work drama is so overrated. I get along with everyone at work, but I have only one friend who's my age that I am comfortable with. She trusts me, I trust her and we help each other. No sweat.
  9. by   missie1
    If you think it would be easy to get switched weekends-do that!! Then you won't have to deal with them...although eventually they will need your help and then they will be over their attitudes. I feel for ya!! I am hoping when I start my job next week I won't encounter this too...(laughing...yea-right!!)
  10. by   Merlyn
    The question is,"Do you suck?" If you are truthful to yourself and can say "No, I don't suck I give this job the best that I can"
    Do worry about the other CNAs, they don't sign your pay check. If your supervisors say you suck- worry. You have to have a heart of gold and skin like an alligator in this business. It's not going to get better. If it really bothers you talk it over with your supervisor.
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    Quote from missie1
    I am hoping when I start my job next week I won't encounter this too...(laughing...yea-right!!)
    I hope you don't encounter gossip because it sucks everything out of you at times. but stay strong. Im thinking about adopting a who gives a flying F what people think as long as people AKA residence and the nurses I work under aren't complaining attitudes.
  12. by   IdianaCNA1993
    at times I feel that Im getting that alligator skin and other times I dont, like right now. And I do tell myself that I give it the best that I can with what I am given. Im also starting to think that I shouldn't have to kiss anyones ass either like the other aides the only peoples asses I have to kiss until the cows come home is the ones that have a bed reserved in the nursing home. and setting here thinking Im starting to think that as long as no one is left in poo and pee for the next shift then I have done atleast half my job whether it takes me 5 minutes to a half an hour to get some one cleaned up the RIGHT way and comfortable. Like I keep hearing Im not there to make friends just do my job.
  13. by   fuzzywuzzy
    Some people are just drama queens. And usually the ones that go around freaking out about other CNAs not being perfect are actually the worst ones in the bunch-- can't get their work done because they're too busy checking up on other people or bragging about how perfect they are compared to everyone else- meanwhile they don't lift a finger to help anyone else and leave vitals, admissions, paperwork, etc for everybody else to do every day. It still irks me that one time when I switched shifts and no one knew what I was like yet, I had to work with one of those drama queens and she spent all week telling anyone who would listen that it was "going to be horrible." Total BS! When judgment day arrived I ran circles around that a-hole while she ran around like a headless chicken getting a whole lot of nothing done. She had nothing to say about me after that. But yeah I have totally called people out on their gossip before, whether it was about me or another person. What gets me is when they say stuff about a new person they haven't even worked with before! Or seeing people complain about things that don't matter. You might be annoying if:
    -You're always late and people have to wait around for you to show up
    -You can't get your assignment done, people have to go out of their way to answer a lot of "your" lights or bringing your residents to the bathroom because you are occupied with lollygagging all night.
    -You tell your coworkers you'll help them with a transfer and then don't show up in a timely fashion
    -You make people late for their breaks
    -You consistently leave residents and/or their rooms a sloppy mess
    -You act like you're god's gift to the nursing home
    Anything else does not matter! Everyone has their pet peeves but unless it's one of the things I listed it probably has no effect on other people so they really have no right to complain. And yeah, I WOULD ask what specifically makes you so horrible to work with... they might actually have to think about it and at least realize that you're on to them and that you don't appreciate it. Anytime I've had a problem with someone I usually can't get over it until I say something. Then the person I had it out with either improves or they don't, but even if they don't I no longer have to stew about it. When I do say something it's usually a quick sarcastic remark or a short discussion though and I try to air the problem in a way that DOESN'T cause a huge drama-fest.
  14. by   interceptinglight
    Aaaagghhh...anybody who grumbles so much about you sucking probably forgot how much they sucked when they first started out, as we all did at one time. Don't let it get to you!!