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You may just want to brush up on a few skills, or get ahead of your class. Here is a link to a complete CNA video course broken down by subject: Nursing Assistant - Video Lessons :studyowl: ... Read More

  1. by   james_lankford
    Quote from Andr
    You can take these video lessons here - And it still works.
    when I go to that web site and click on a video link I get an error saying
    Windows Media cannot play the file
    so I tried right clicking on it, then downloading and saving the file to my pc, and that worked
    then I clicked on the file on my pc and then I was able to watch it

    using windows xp, and IE, internet explorer
  2. by   kayleeray
    Thanks for the link. I'm taking the CNA course this summer and I know these videos will make me a little more prepared!!!

    I'm in the process of downloading & saving all videos to my computer just in case the site ever goes offline.
  3. by   FAVORED1
    Thanks so much, most helpful!
  4. by   Serendipity, PCT
    Lord help me, because I cannot afford to pay for another CNA course! LOL
  5. by   Girl Scout
    Wow! I'm glad this link floated back to the top of the forum! I am hoping to start CNA/PCA training either this summer or winter. It certainly won't hurt to be just a little step ahead of the game! Thanks!
  6. by   teysmith
    This is a very very helpful link! I'm very grateful to have it! thanks alot!
  7. by   freesia29
    Awesome! Thank you so much!
  8. by   TennyLPN2B
    thanks so very much!
  9. by   Serendipity, PCT
    Just wanted to bump this for you ladies and gentlemen. It is helping me prepare for the Boards tremendously; hopefully, it will be of good use to those of you who are currently students just like me as well!
  10. by   ramin
    i also want free full cna video coarse but u said me where i find this coarse
    any body give me the way to find it
  11. by   mcnasty
    this is so wonderful. i cant stop watching it!!!!! i start cna training in may and this answers a lot of my questions about what to expect.

    thank you so much for posting this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. by   CaduceusBrigade
    The videos not loading for me ;;
  13. by   Girl Scout
    Quote from CaduceusBrigade
    The videos not loading for me ;;
    They're not for streaming, but you could download them onto your computer and watch them there.