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Here are some of my tips. Check out books and movies from the library for entertainment. Read newspapers online for free. Buy scrubs at the dollar store. Sonic has half price burgers on... Read More

  1. by   Natny23
    Comment on bringing in ads from other stores to wal-mart... Yes you can do this. It is the ads from other stores in your area. I actually was behind a lady the other night that had a couple pages of the ad prices written down. The cashier said she does it all the time and they don't even make her bring the ads in anymore becasue she does this so often. She had a cart full of name brand items and it was under $100. She was getting Kelloggs cereal for $1.97 a box!!! I have to say I am the person that drives to three different stores to save a few bucks, but now I am gonna try the Wal-mart thing. Anything to save some
  2. by   njadreamer
    Quote from franharmon
    Here are some of my tips.

    Check out books and movies from the library for entertainment.(Do they have dvd's and are they newer movies ?

    Read newspapers online for free (I still like my hard copy )

    I shop at second hand stores for clothes and furniture. I don't mind doind this as for my family NO WAY ! )

    I drive a used car. ( Used too It's payed off I just want it to last till I graduate ! )

    I have learned not to want things. My mother taught me this. She lives on a fixed income.
    ( HOW DO YOU DO THIS !!! Great advice !! Hard to do I'm am going to school part time and working. As of next year my income is going to be cut in half. I plan on only working weekends after I get into nursing school. We would like to start to prepare for the loss of income now. But it seems so hard. My dh is salary so he can't get extra time. Any great advise would be appreciated. I don't want to give up my dream of being a nurse. I do love being an aide but I want to help more and I'm limited in what I can do. :zzzzz
  3. by   psalm
    I also used to go to the college and public libraries for NCLEX books to practice for my tests (our college had used NCLEX-type questions on tests since first semester). Get current ones. I also bought a Tabers cyclopedia for $1 at a rummage!

    Some students would share books...Maternity; Peds; Psych. They would purposely take different rotations so they could share the books.