CNA Tuition?

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    I am currently taking my pre-req's at my local community college for nursing school. I won't be applying to the program for another year. I just have to take A+P II and two gym classes over the summer and I'm all set to apply to the program. Since I have a year to kill, I was thinking of becoming a CNA to get some field experience and desensitize myself to the yucky side of nursing Anyway, a local vocational school offers a month long training program for $1,374.00. Books, state certification, and uniform are included. Is that the average rate of tuition? I live in Upstate NY- Newburgh, NY. I've tried looking for other free or low cost training programs but haven't had any luck finding one in my area. How much did you pay for training? Should I spend the money? Thanks for reading!
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  3. by   Justanotherday
    My school charges about $1,800 for a semester long CNA program. But I decided against enrolling, because after my first semester in nursing school there I will be eligible to take the CNA exam. But you certainly will earn that money back if you take the course now, plus get some good experience. Also contact a Red Cross near you to see if they offer a program, it would most likely be cheaper.
  4. by   paislie
    Wow. The class I'm in costs $375. It's a 6 week course, 2 nights per week. I signed up through the local hospital, signed a contract, and they paid my tuition, plus pay me $8 an hour for attending class and clinicals. All I had to pay for were a set of scrubs, shoes, and stethoscope. Also, I will have to pay for the certification. As far as I know, the hospital doesn't require the certification, but other places do.
  5. by   thomasbrooks07
    im in Washington state and my school is 725 dollars and takes 20 days 8 hours a day. MY teacher said that any nursing home that is your first hire has to pay for your cna class and books by some state or federal regulation. They normally dont bring it up so you have to bring it up. They normally give you a little extra money a pay check so that you dont get your first paycheck and just split and dont come back.
  6. by   Ev1987
    i paid $1,400 for a 4-week program at the american red cross here in philadelphia, pa. tuition included scrubs, stethoscope, manometer, state exam fee and books (including a backpack!) good luck finding something affordable.
  7. by   monters
    sounds right for NY..I paid $1500 for Boces in Long Island,NY ..its 175 hours ..textbook included only
  8. by   CNA2day
    I got trained for free... actually I got paid to go to training and my employeer paid for me to test for my CNA certificate.
  9. by   natd9
    I paid $1000 to receive CNA training through Red Cross. I'm greatly disappointed. To begin with, the course, in my opinion, isn't worth a $1000. We have to bring everything of our own, including toothbrushes, towels, cloths, etc. No uniforms included, only the book. I'm not sure what they're doing with all that money; even the sheets used in class have been donated. The instructors, particularly the assistant who comes in on skills day, are rude, to say the least. I've been in school for many years and I've never had a teacher talk to me the way they do. I wish I would have taken my $1000 somewhere else. If a CNA is what you want to do, LikestoWander, then go for it. Hopefully, in the end, it is worth it despite the high cost.
  10. by   juliaann
    Wow, CNA classes are a lot more expensive in other places! In Tulsa you can expect to pay about $500 for a 2 week long course (5 days a week 8a-5p, all books and supplies provided), or about $300 for an 8-week course from the community college, but then you have to buy your own book and uniform.

    Most hospitals offer their own paid training program i exchange for a year of work, so they can train you to do the skills you'll be expected to do in your job there and you'll already have clinical experience on the floor you'll be working on, eliminating the need for an evaluation/orientation phase. This is what I did and it was perfect for me. BUT the big downfall is the program is not certified, and when I needed my CNA for nursing school, I had to pay to take a recognized program in order to sit for the state exam and get my certification. I went the community college route then.
  11. by   caliotter3
    I paid $40 to take the course through the Adult School and most of that fee paid for the book. Many people get the course for free at various long term care facilities that may offer employment upon graduation.