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I have some questions below: 1. I haven't gotten a job as a cna yet and I wanted to give it a try, but I have forgotten some of the skills and am worried that when I am hired I will not know what... Read More

  1. by   Livetoride
    No offense but you do realize that you will be doing CNA work your whole nursing career? You will not always have a CNA on hand that can do the messy work. Anytime I've stayed in the hospital, I've only seen a PCT one time. the nurse is changing the bed, helping me with my ADLs postpartum or cleaning up bm, blood and vomit.

    I have never seen a CNA in a clinic setting. Not saying it does not exist cause I heard that too. Maybe you're better off going the route of a MA if that's what you would like.
  2. by   SweetPotatoes
    All the nurses on my hospital floor do what the CNAs do...CNA tasks are kinda built into the RN role, but the RN has 879798990 other things to do on top of it--night shift nurses in particular have it rough because there aren't always techs at night and then they have to do all the call lights, bathing, and weights. A lot of the new RNs who were never techs struggled in the beginning with transfers and baths and walking patients and stuff, so it's good experience if you can get over the whole messy work thing. I HATE smells and bodily fluids but since I want to actually do this, I get over it. And launder my scrubs thoroughly when I get home. lol. You may surprise yourself--if you really want to be a CNA you may not mind the mess as much as you think you might!
  3. by   PTurner89
    We sitters don't do any work huh??? We do personalized work! We bathe them, feed them, give them meds, bandage them, take them to appts.,
    We help them up every time they need it we wipe all their tears, we soothe them, take them outside for air, check their mail, clean them up when they spill something on themselves, change their pull ups constantly, we are their friend when they need one,their housekeeper, are you kidding me? We comfort them and may get hit or slapped right after, if they have Alzheimer's we have to be in the ball all day 12 hrs a day. They may try and escape get out of their chair grab the table as we pass it . Idk what your trying to say exactly but you are dead wrong. We are your helper. Does that make us scum? No you should be more appreciative not bitter. We get treated like dirt by CNAs and you complain because your treated like dirt by whoever is above you!! Get your priorities straight.