CNA jobs and the distance it takes to get to them!

  1. Ok so I have posted before about how I was terminated and how Im looking for another job. I have found another place in my area hiring CNAs but its 50 miles round trip to there and back home. I live at home with my mom and dad. I drive a 1999 jeep grand cherokee and gas right now is 3.69 and I pay 160 a month car payments. This place I found out about seems like the dream place. they feed you they have benefits they pay over time its like one aide to every four residents BUT its 9.50 and on 5 days a week and every other weeked (8 hour shifts). this job is also 2 towns over in the previouse county that I worked before

    the last CNA job I had was 40 miles there and back but I only worked three days a week got paid 10.75 (on 12 hour shifts) no over time no benifits they complained if you snacked on left overs that the kitchen had after feeding the residents and it was so under staffed! this job was only one town over in the next county.

    I have also applied at hospitals in my area, mind you they are all owned by the same people and have the same name! I hear all the time different stories about how the hospitals only pay a dollar more than minimum wage and then I hear from other people that the hospitals pay like 15 dollars hourly to there aides but they pay overtime and they give benefits. The hospital that I have mainly applied at is 50 miles away south of me in the "big city" is one of the chains newer hospitals BUT I also dont have CPR certification and they are so low on aides I guess that as long as you get CPR certified with in 60 days you are good. Plus where this hospital is isnt far from colleges so I can focus on getting enrolled into a nursing program and I wont be driveing like 100 miles each day from town to town county to county! The most I would be driving is like 75 miles a day. if this hospital calls me for an interview I have applied to almost all of there CNA positions on all shifts and all departments! it just wouldnt hurt to find out durring an interview the myths and the facts and go from there.

    I have also been applying to nursing homes, minimum wage jobs, and factory jobs in my own home town. and Im going to today go get CPR certified even if it kills me! I have been focusing on staying close to home for a job because wanting to go to school but it seems like I only get called to interview from places out of town.

    I myself dont want to have all my money going to gas, car repairs, and tuition if I worked and went to school in two different towns lived in another completely different town. I like to save my money and not blow it all. I dont want to move out of my parents because lets face it paying bills sucks! I would just like to know what people think about this work school living arangement and what they would do. my moms getting on me about not having a job and it hasnt been a month yet and my car is paid up till January and Im busting my butt trying to look for emplyment or ways to make money.
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  3. by   mvm2
    I may be wrong, but I think that when you work in the health feild a lot of nurses, CNAs, doctors have to travel distances to get to their jobs because there is not a LTC and hospital in every little town that we live in. Yes gas prices are a killer and there is a limit to how far you can drive and still be making it worth your while, but I think that 50 miles round trip is not too terrible. Is the majority of the travel highway miles? Good luck hope yo get one of the positions soon. Either the hospital or the LTC seem like good oportunities.
  4. by   tenn_bsnstudent
    Where I live, places are always hiring CNAs. Whether its LTC, home health, or hospice. It may not always be glamorous but my LTC facility is so desperate for CNAs (we are ALWAYS short, every shift), they have an ad in the newspaper for new CNAs.
  5. by   mstearns09
    I drive 30 miles round trip to work everyday. It doesn't bother me, however, I drove that far when I went to high school, too, so I knew what I was getting into when I accepted the job. I work with people who drive 40 miles round trip and we don't get paid that well at all so I'm not sure how they manage to make it on what they earn and still afford to put gas in their cars. We also live in a very rural area so the likelihood of getting stranded in bad weather is always there.
  6. by   ShinyRedGloss
    The drive does get very tiresome. I drove 40 miles one way to work and also to my school for my first degree. Blowing snow and black ice. gag I can't tell you how many times I fell asleep. Such is rural living. Gas is insane all over. I would pick the job with the shortest drive based on my previous experiences. I don't think this situation is at all uncommon for people of any field living in rural areas. Hang in there. These kind of experiences build character.
  7. by   squidbillies
    This is something I struggle with too. I would probably take the job, as money is a necessity, however, I would push for 12's and/or continue to look for another position that is closer or allow you to have 12s. The gas alone makes it almost not worth it, but add on all the other issues, and it becomes pretty unbearable very quick. OP, I know how it is and I wish you all the best. Keep looking!
  8. by   npatte1071
    If the commute is what bothers you, you will never be happy at the facility. Go with your gut.

    Natali L. Patterson, MSN, RN.