CNA exam question?

  1. Hi,

    will I need to study outside of what I learn in the CNA class or do they teach everything that will be on the state exam? Did you think the test was pretty easy?

    I'm taking a CNA class at the Red Cross right now, for those who've taken it there, do you feel like it prepared you for the test and the real world?
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  3. by   ItsTheDude
    easy test, you'll be fine.
  4. by   CoffeemateCNA
    Basically, everything in your CNA manual is up for grabs. It's all multiple choice.

    I noticed two basic types of questions.

    The first was specific knowledge:
    At which angle would the HOB cause shearing of the resident's skin?

    The second was application:
    If there were a fire and you were instructed to evacuate, which of the following residents would be evacuated FIRST?

    I had no problem with the test. If you know the material, you will do well.

    With any CNA class, you are just given the basics in class. They try their best to prepare you for the real world, but most of it you just have to learn on your own while on-the-job.

    Good luck!
  5. by   FoxyAry07
    Im taking a CNA course now. Im glad to hear that the exam will be ok to take. I freeze up at exams but i feel good about this course.
  6. by   eveningsky339
    The exam was easy. I passed with a 98%. Here's a sample question for kicks:

    You are asked to take a patient's blood pressure. It is 132/88. How would you classify this reading?

    a) Prehypertension
    b) Stage I hypertension
    c) Severe hypotension
    d) Normal

    And that's what I would consider a "hard" question. Most of them are common sense.

    To put it in perspective-- several of the teachers at the Adult Ed agency took the CNA exam with absolutely no classroom or practical experience. You may as well have handed the test to a stranger on the sidewalk. They all passed.
  7. by   adorblepuppy
    The written test in north carolina was very easy. The hard part is the other part. and it is not hard. If you study your skills you will do fine. The hardest part is getting over nerves.
  8. by   Ev1987
    I toke both the red cross training course and exam. They basically just prep you for the state exams. I thought that the written test was mostly easy, they just try to add some tricky questions in there for you. The skills exam is the portion of the test that I had to study religiously for. There are crucial steps (usually printed in bold letters on the study handbook) you cannot miss in order to pass the skills exam. Practice on a friend or family member. I watched youtube videos from 'jtduncan56'. Study both the handbook and videos. Good luck to you.
  9. by   freesia29
    Those videos are great! Thanks for posting the info!

  10. by   mspee-wee
    The test is a breeze you don't have anything to worry about they will teach you everything that will be on the test.
  11. by   esunada
    Thanks Everyone!
  12. by   LuvMandi
    When I went to take my state exam the observers told us to throw out everything we have learned in class or clinicals. She said they ONLY grade the steps in the STATE testing manual.

    I studied the manual and passed on the first time, just try to relax.
  13. by   CrazierThanYou
    Our test was Pearson Vue and I have to say it was RIDICULOUSLY easy. Yes, it was THAT easy.

    Our instructor has been teaching for many moons and she said she has NEVER had anyone fail the written portion. The skills portion is another story...