Can you apply for a CNA job if you haven't taken the state exam yet?

  1. I graduated from the class yesterday, but won't be taking the state exam for a couple of weeks or so. A guy in my class said that you can still apply for work, and your new employer will just ask for a copy of your certificate after you take the exam. Is this true? It doesn't sound right...
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  3. by   CNACaroline726
    It's true, but good luck on getting anyone to hire you without certification. I had NO ONE call during the time that I was not certified. After I got certified, I got 4 calls for possible jobs.
  4. by   sunflower777

    in michigan, years ago i knew a few people that had no experience in that field but luckily got hired and trained as a cna but had to obtain their state license after 4 months, if not certified within the time of being hired, they have to let you go if i'm not mistaken. due to the economy, i haven't seen that lately. good luck 2 u! :icon_roll
  5. by   ohiogyrl
    I actually applied at the job I have now before I was state tested after I completed the class and they told me I had to be state tested and to write down the date of my test on my application. The day after I took my test they emailed me to see if I passed. It was too early for me to even know but after a few days I found out I passed and we set up an interview. Before that though I actually got a job offer at another LTC they said they would pay for my test and I had two months to pass it and become state tested. So this is true. Good Luck....I would definately get an early start though.
  6. by   BreatheFree
    My teacher said you an get hired as long as you have your skills checklist.
  7. by   DolceVita
    These are all good questions that you ask in your threads, but many of them can be answered by looking at your state regulator's page.
  8. by   ohiocleveland
    I agree with DolceVita, different facility, State require diff things. Some facility will hire you some want. You just have to pick up the phone or visit some nursing homes in your area and ask them... They will diff tell you all your options and give you better advice... good luck on your job search and State exam!
  9. by   pca_85
    My experience is yes. And the facility that hired me paid for my state testing. Mind you this is 2002 lol. It may depend on your state.