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I applied for a nurse assistant training program at a ltc facility. They do offer paid training with a job offer after successful completion of the class. Anyway, I have an interview on May 12. On... Read More

  1. by   oramar
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    Well, I had my interview yesterday. I think it went pretty good. The interviews wont' be done until May 22. The starting rate is $11.28 with $1.00/hr more for the 3-11 shift. They offer medical insurance for the whole family at no cost to the employee. $100/year for scrubs. If someone from the next shift doesn't show up, you don't have to stay (unless you want to, it's not mandatory). I asked that question. For scubs, they can be any color and any print. They offer a retirement plan,with employee contribution of a min. of 7% of pay. I did forget to ask how many residents a CNA is responsible for.
    Nice bennies, I also like the fact that they don't mandate. Perhaps has something to do with new law that takes effect in July.
  2. by   fuzzywuzzy
    congratulations! Those are pretty good benefits!
  3. by   Dionyonce
    Wow u guys...its 41,000 as a CNA at my hospital...NY
  4. by   chickapea
    I'm in CA and I make 14.00 an hour
  5. by   Miss_Piggy.RN
    WA - 9.75/hr
  6. by   VanLpn
    Wow, I had no idea how little CNA's made in the U.S. I just completed CNA training(it's a 6 month program here) and most jobs in my area (Vancouver) pay between $18-22 an hour. I have worked a lot of crap jobs that paid $8-10 an hour but there is no way in hell that I would work as a CNA for that wage. I honestly think American CNA's are being shafted. Perhaps we are able to justify our wage because of the fact that the program/practicum here is longer. I can't think of any CNA's here that would work for less then $16 an hour. That is the low end and for that low pay good vacation time and extended medical/dental would have to be part of that deal.
  7. by   Marusya
    Quote from Dionyonce
    Wow u guys...its 41,000 as a CNA at my hospital...NY
    i am in NY too. next month should have an exam. then going to look for job. could you please tell me what hospital you work. thanks
  8. by   CNAMichelle
    you also have to consider the cost of living for the area and from what I hear NY.has an extremely high cost of living.example- here in GA. I have a brand new 2800sq.ft home on 3/4 of an acre for only $250,000 ,from what I have seen on TV. in NY you are lucky if you get a 500 sq. ft. loft for that. so of course you would have to be paid waaay more.