Bad idea to quit?

  1. I go to school 5 days a week taking a&p 2, micro, and dance appreciation. The dance class is very easy for me so I don't really consider it as a class. I work 3 jobs all part time. I teach dance, I'm a cna, and I waitress. I work weekends mostly.
    I'm getting very behind in school. I don't make much money. Maybe 300 every two weeks.
    My cna job refuses to pay me holiday pay. I make more money as a waitress.
    I'm considering quitting my cna job. I don't really like the company I work for but I know I'll make a damn good nurse. The nurses ask me if I'm considering becoming a nurse one day.
    I love every aspect of it, however my gpa sucks (2.7). I'm trying very hard to get straight a's this semester but it seems impossible with so much on my plate.
    Would it be a bad idea to quit my cna job? I have 6 months experience and I'm planning on applying to nursing school this summer.

    Im in afraid quitting that job will decrease my chances of being accepted but I need the time to get my gpa up and I need to make more money by waitressing. Thoughts??
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  3. by   HappyWife77
    Have you considered guaranteed study loans?

    Something has to give, talk with a counselor at your college about everything you have said here. Maybe they will have better input concerning which needs to give.

    I say drop the dance class. Stay a cna and a waitress OR dance instructor. Or drop down to once a month dance instructor. Or go to prn status at your healthcare job...that way you can keep it on your future resume for experience.

    Best wishes for balance and success.:thumbup:
  4. by   emily12345
    The only reason I don't want to drop the dance class is because that's an easy A for me and it'll boost my gpa. I teach dance Saturday mornings for two hours. Every time I speak with a counselor at my school they tell me I'm not going anywhere and it's very discouraging to hear that. They don't really give me any guidance on pushing forward. I actually heard one counselor say "she's not going anywhere with that gpa. She can't be a nurse". This cna job drives me insane. The company constantly messes up my payment and schedule. It's making me miserable. I keep going back because I love y patients but I dread going to work. I want to quit and continue to waitress so I can't make some more money. I've never worked per diem before. Maybe that's an option?
  5. by   HappyWife77
    I hate to discourage you, but yea that gpa is not going to pull rank among others who get 4.0 and 3.0. And with all things A in dance does not help you because you need the As coming from your prerequisites. The admission process for nursing usually ranks you by points according to your classes you need for nursing. Have you thought about switching to dance or whatever degrees there is in that area?
  6. by   emily12345
    I looked into dance but it doesn't interest me like nursing does. I've met the admission counselers at the nursing schools I'm interested in. They don't do a point system. They look at your gpa and any medical experience you may have. The dance class will transfer over. I'm doing pretty good in my anatomy class. I struggle in micro the most but I know I can do well. I know being a cna increases my chances of being accepted. They told me it'll help a lot along with strong letters of recommendation. I thought about switching to per diem but I'm not sure how per diem works.
  7. by   sueall
    Concentrate on raising your GPA. It's the one thing most likely to keep you from being accepted. The longer you don't make grades your priority, the harder it will be to bring your GPA up. A&P and Micro are very important classes, so give them your full attention.

    Keep the dance class. You need the exercise, and it's an easy A, and fun.

    You have your 6 month's experience with the CNA job, plus it seems to be causing you the most aggravation and stress, so I'd say change that job, pronto. Given your experience, you can find a CNA job elsewhere, or try per diem, as others have said.

    The waitressing brings you money and you don't seem to mind it, so keep it. The dance instructor gig is a small time demand and is another source for exercise and fun, so keep it but only if you need the money.

    Bottom line -- Make school your priority right now.

    Now go out there and do us all proud!
  8. by   HappyWife77
    Talk with your scheduling coordinator at change your status.
  9. by   Paws2people
    You seem to have your mind made up that you don't like the CNA job, so quit. Landing the RN position is a ways away, so you can always get another CNA job at a better facility when the time comes. Keep the dance class and job. It relieves stress and you enjoy it. Use the waitressing for your main income. Set time aside for studying, get a tudor or study partner who can help you.
  10. by   Missingyou
    Here's what I would do:
    Quit the CNA job. It causes the most stress. The GPA MUST be brought up or you have zero chance of getting into nursing school. Once the GPA goes up, getting a job at a home care agency as a CNA will provide the needed experience. (you already have 6 months experience which is good).

    Working home care often gives you the chance to study because it has been my experience that a majority of the time the client is napping...or, if you work 2nd shift they tend to go to bed early enough that you can get studing in. Also, working homecare will allow you to pick and choose which hours, and sometimes, how many hours you are willing to take on. (YOu can always pick up more hours in the summer/during vacation weeks, and back off during exams or during the semester). ...all this while still making $$ and being able to keep your certification and gain experience.

    Generally, Per diem works (in nursing homes) where you MUST work a minimum number of hours per month. Usually 8 hours a month, sometimes more/sometimes less, depends on the facility. So you would STILL have to work a specific number of hours.

    What ever you decide to do, remember that you will have to keep up your inservices and number of hours you work in 2 yrs in order to keep your certification. I think it best that you do keep your CNA so that you always have something to fall back on.
    ..and yes, home care does provide the needed inservices and does apply to the number of hours you need to keep certification.
  11. by   NurseGirl525
    I agree with the others, something has to go. If your school looks at a cumulative GPA, you should probably hope you get A's in all of these classes to have any chance of getting in. You will not get into nursing school with a 2.7 GPA. You need in the high 3 area to get in. You say you want this. It's a matter of how much you want it.
  12. by   Satori77
    Personally I think you should quit the CNA job. Something needs to change for you to pull your grades up. And it is obviously giving you the most stress.