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  1. by   zooz
    The ordeal is now officially over. I'm a CNA!

    100% on skills and 94% on written.

    So happy and relieved.
  2. by   jb2u
  3. by   shalamar
    whoaa! yeppie i oh!!!!!! I PASSED! I PASSED !:spin::spin::spin:On to LVN.
  4. by   jb2u
    Congratulations!!! Good luck with the LVN. Keep your eyes on the goal.

  5. by   peridotgirl
    I know this is late, but congrats... Good job! I wish u good luck on everything else...
  6. by   Cashboy's Mom
    I passed my LNA state exam (NH) last Friday! The written part was easy but man was the skills exam nerve wracking!!!
  7. by   Billsgirl
    I passed mine too!!! In August 2007!!
  8. by   picturestoburn
    I passed my test!
  9. by   Billsgirl
  10. by   Jasel
    I passed! (kind of late though. Passed like a month ago hehe)
  11. by   Billsgirl
    it was about that long for me too!!:spin: it doesn't matter, it's an accomplishment!!!!
  12. by   CrazyMommy
    WOOHOO ... I passed both exams today!!!
    Got hired at the hospital as a Unit Secretary/CNA,
    and I am hoping to get into RN school by fall
  13. by   JaredCNA
    Congrats to everyone who passed!

    I don't know about other states but TX CNA exam was fairly easy when I took it in Dec 06. We had Nurse Examiner come down from the capital and we had four randomly selected skills to perform (mine were communicating with a patient who has memory loss, hand washing, manual B/P, and moving resident to head of the bed...i got all the easy skills) and a 70-question test.