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  1. by   SentimentalGeek
    Passed my Nebraska state exam yesterday!

    My skills were:

    1. Beginning and Ending 5
    2. Hand washing
    3. Blood Pressure
    4. Routine Oral Hygiene
    5. Catheter Care
    6. Moving Up in Bed (One Assist)
    7. Changing an Incontinent Brief (and she had squirted Hershey "poo" all over the bed and gown so I had to change those too while I was at it...)

    But I passed! One more thing checked off for nursing school.

    (ETA: Whoa, looks like NE makes us do way more skills than some of you! I'm jealous. Everyone in the class had to do the first 2 on my list and then we all got 5 more random ones to do.)
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  2. by   CarolinaGirl1112
    Just passed my NC CNA exam this afternoon!

    My skills were:

    1. Hand washing
    2. Mouth Care
    3. Position on side
    4. Assist to ambulate with belt
    5. Measuring urinary output

    I'm so relieved that it's done! Next step, CNA job!
  3. by   oklahoma~dreamin
    Hi all!

    I just finished class this week, passed my written exam already and my skills test is scheduled for next week.

    I am nervous about it, but practice practice, right? And I already have a job interview for next week also before I even take the skills test!

    Hoping the CNA cert comes easy so I can focus on getting my prereqs done for nursing a long road ahead of me
  4. by   oklahoma~dreamin
    Finally found out tonight that I passed my skills exam!
    I thought all weekend I had failed for sure!

    My skills were:
    - Handwashing (everyone gets this)
    - Ambulate with gait belt
    - Denture care
    - Feeding a dependant resident
    - Female Peri Care

    I know it's "just" a CNA test, but I'm relieved...and so on to the next one!
  5. by   kha2
    Officially state certified as of earlier this week!

    Hand washing, radial pulse, fowler's position, and teeth brushing!!

    Now just waiting for the nursing program decision letters!
  6. by   newgirlcalifornia
    Yaaaayyyyyyyy I passed on friday!

    California exam

    Hand washing, respirations, ambulating with gait belt, and back rub,

    Super easy skills - I got sooooo lucky!!!!!!!!

    Written exam was easy too as we did a lot of practice exams in my class!
  7. by   TrudyJ
    I passed my Oklahoma testing...skills test I was just so nervous the first time. I walked in and she explained everything and then said your first skill is pernial care.....I paused and was like "WHAT?!?" We went over that in our class for maybe 15 minutes, so I was so not prepared for that. Then I took pulse for 45 seconds.:smackingf.I know how to do this because I am also a volunter Fire Fighter and have to go on medical calls. Needless to say my nerves got the best of me!
    I rescheduled for the next week walked in and passed. I got denture care, range of motion and input/output. Didn't have any problems, was still nervous but I kept talking to the instructor the whole time so it made it a little easier. The written test was way easy! It took me 10 minutes to go through 75 questions. So I sat there a minute and went back over the questions again, stood up and told her I was done. The instructor says to me "in the 3 or 4 years that i've been here I've never had anyone get 100%." I was stoked! So proud of myself! I went back to school a little later in life and wasn't very good at it the first time around....what a relief!

    Now I start a job in the PCU here at our local hospital nect week. I am super excited but again.....YIKES...the first medical job is a little scarey at first too. But this too shall pass!
  8. by   linamtob1
    Good day, anyone can tell me if you need to wash your hands when you put the bedpan or just take off my gloves and give the signal, toilet paper and towels for washing hands to the patient?

    Thank you very much for your information

    Happy day
  9. by   Jhely06182009
    gather all ur supplies and put them within easy reach(on the table bed) before touching the bed pan.
  10. by   vw74vw
    I passed with 100% for my skills and 93% for my written. In Arizona we have 4 skills plus handwashing. I had Bedban/Output, Applying TED hose, ROM of knew and hip and Bed Bath. I was lucky for sure. Now the hunt for a job starts. Good luck to all who are studying. Just remain calm and you will do fine.
  11. by   jjic3982
    I passed mid October! Forgot about this thread. Congratulations everyone!
  12. by   MVitiello
    What did you have to do in order to move up from CNA to LPN? Did your employer pay for it and give you the option of the courses being only one year instead of the typical two years?
  13. by   student forever
    Hurray! I passed my cna exam, both clinical and written! Also, my first day on the job was Friday and I am going to love it . . . I do already!! I am in an assisted living facility and I did not even apply anywhere else, I wanted just this particular job! Hurray!

    Good luck to all who are still studying. . . i am praying you get your best postition, too.