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  1. by   AzDeb
    Passed my CNA state exam!!! Woo Hoo!!! I had Handwashing, blood pressure, mouthcare - comatose resident, Bedpan output, Antiembolic stockings. Soooo glad I passed!
  2. by   sourapril
    Congratulations everyone! I passed on the first try on Oct. 3rd, 2010! Wohoo, my very first certification. I got hand wash, measure weight, range of motion on the leg and ankle, fingernail care, and apply stocking. I am so happy when I saw my name in the state registry.
  3. by   Kyla.ann
    FINALLY I get to post here!!

    I passed!!!!! I am now a fresh CNA.

    I had female pericare, handwashing, communication, making an occupied bed, and blood pressure. I was supposed to get a complete bed bath (YIKES) but there wasn't anyone available to do it on so they changed it to pericare.

    So now the job hunt begins... I start RN school in January so I am hoping to find PRN work somewhere.
  4. by   Tamimac
    Here were the Skills I had to Perform: 1) Hand Washing, 2) Blood
    Pressure, 3) Fingernail care, 4) PROM- One knee/ankle, and
    5) Ambulate using Transfer belt. And, I could not get/hear the
    blood pressure reading at all! Only my heart pounding! Ha!
    Did it twice, then again on other arm. I verbally announced
    I can't hear a thing each attempt-- I'm guessing faulty equipment.
    then I just recorded something and finished all steps, etc. My skill
    were done on a student/partner during exam. So Glad I Passed!!!
  5. by   Sally Lou
    Passed MA-CNA exam today.


    Passive ROM on left shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers

    60 questions on written.
  6. by   make_it_easy
    I passed my cna exam on 09/30/10 and received my card weeks ago
    I'm so exited and happy I cannot wait to find a job and start working

    Congrats to all of you

  7. by   Monik Sims
    Passed South Carolina CNA Exam on 11/6/10

    Nail Care
    Turn Patient on Side
    Elastic Hose
  8. by   JamGirl2425
    Quote from JamGirl2425
    Hey everyone, this is my first time posting to this section, I'm a student in my last month of school for LVN, but I just took and passed my CNA test today, I'm very excited. I had hand-washing, gowning and gloving, assisting a resident to walk with a gait belt and mouth care of an unconscious patient. I just really wanna find a job now!
    Well everyone I took the test and passed on October 2nd,2010, they told me it would take about 16 weeks to receive my card (state budget cuts), but after hounding and harassing the state office and the agency I took testing with, I received my cert. card in the mail on October 28th, 2010!

    I glad to have the card physically in my hand!
  9. by   sweettiff4prez
    I passed mine! . I was glad I did. I was scared I was going to fail because my teacher was mean in the class and criticized me. But i studied and practiced the skills. Ill continue going over the book to re freshen my mind though.
  10. by   laurenlee2009
    I passed my exam today!! I had Handwashing, Dressing a Resident, Perineal Care for a Female, Isolation Gown & Gloves, and Mouth Care on a Comatose Patient. The written test was okay but there were some questions that we didnt discuss in class. I remember a random question about taking a resident's dentures out!! I had never done it and i wasnt sure about how to do it. lol but congrats to everyone!!! I cant wait to start working!! :grad:
  11. by   vlynn08
    I received my CNA certificate in August, but I'm not yet "state" certified.
  12. by   on eagles wings
    guys I am going to challenge the exam in a couple of weeks. Keep your success posts coming, they are very encouraging & informative. ^^:heartbeat
  13. by   UnbreakableOne
    I am happy to say I passed my Arizona State CNA Testing!!! I was all worried and worked up for nothing! Here were my skills:

    1. Handwashing (of course)
    2. Bedpan and Output
    3. Antiembolic Stockings
    4. Mouthcare of Comatose Resident
    5. Vital Signs-temperature, pulse and respirations

    I'm so happy and couldn't wait to post that I passed on allnurses lol!!!!

    CONGRATS to everyone who passed!!!!