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  1. Div-99, Honestly, I just don't remember. I had taken it back in like 94 and when I went back to school this time I was waived because I already had Eng Comp with an A so it exempted me from those portions of the test. Try calling the testing center at CState and they can tell you whether an essay is required. Sorry I couldn't be of more help regarding the testing.
  2. DIV-99, When you go to your physical, Cinci State has two separate forms for STNA and PNC, so make sure you take both so you can get the both completed at the same time. Can't submit the STNA one for the PNC program also (at least I wasn't able to). Take your shot records so the doc/nurse can go ahead and fill out as much of that as possible. Anything you are missing you will have to have redone or have a titer drawn. I didn't have the varicella vacc as a child because it wasn't required then but did have chickenpox so I had to have a titer done to verify that I was immune. Also, if you had your last MMR before Dec 1979 (I believe it was), you will have to have another one as an adult... mine was Sept of that year so I had to redo that for the program as well. You will need the Hep B vaccines (at least two of them before being fully admitted in the PNC program)--don't forget that they take six months to complete.... first two are a month apart then the final one you can get later. If you don't have all your shots at the time of the form completion, you can submit verification of the shots later. Oh, and you also need a tetanus. When you go to the PNC information session, they give you a checklist of all that you need to do. You will also need your Healthcare provider CPR, too. Although, for the STNA, you just need the physical and two step to get started in that. Your background check has to be within six months of starting your nursing cohort so don't bother to get those done until the adviser instructs you to or you will end up having to redo it. Just stay on top of everything, make sure you get all these things done as early as permitted so that they don't delay you later down the road, and be sure to get documentation to your adviser and keep a copy of everything for yourself in case something gets misplaced. I'm not fresh out of high school, I'm 39 about to hit the big 4-0 next week haha. It took me a little over a year to complete the pre-req's and co-req's because I only took classes part time due to being a mom. Regarding Biology and Chem... I didn't take Chem in H.S. and it's been since my sophomore year since I had Bio which is longer than permitted. However, I took A&P sequence at another college so that waives the Bio requirements (and A&P is required for RN so it was more beneficial to take that instead). If you go full-time you should get done with your pre-req's pretty quickly. I also wanted to have my my co-req's completed so I could minimize my schedule to strictly nursing and clinical once I start a cohort to allow me to focus on just nursing and prevent the extra time away from my son. And, yes, I do plan on furthering my degree because hospitals don't utilize LPN's much, if any, and I don't want to be in a nursing home long term. While I am sitting and waiting on my winter term cohort, I am thinking of starting on any remaining pre/co-req's that I may need for my RN and/or BSN -- got to figure out which school I will be attending for that first.
  3. I did fine on the compass without studying in advance. Depending on your math skills, you may want to brush up on algebra skills as they are needed for the test. The STNA course is a requirement for full admission into the PNC (LPN) program at Cinci State. They offer the class and financial aid will cover it; however, I took it elsewhere due to scheduling issues. I'd say go ahead and get your compass testing done and apply for the PNC program. Then take your STNA course and any DE courses you may need depending on your compass scores. Also, get your shots done right away as this can delay you from getting into a cohort placement when fully admitted--the physical and two step ppd is required before you can be admitted into the STNA course. I'd urge you to attend a PNC information session so you will be provided with all the information you need. I've done STNA work for years and I would not limit myself to that if I were you. You can have plenty of time to work as an STNA while getting through the PNC program to gain experience and see how you like that position; however, I would still pursue becoming a LPN as you can always bridge that to RN and/or BSN. HTH... if you have anymore questions, I'd be happy to answer them as best as I can. I've completed all my pre-req's and co-req's, shots, physical, background checks, and currently just sitting and waiting on my cohort placement for my actual PNC courses.
  4. I've been admitted into the program and was hoping to start EF term. I had to get my STNA this summer before I could start the actual PN classes. I have physical and 2step done, but is the Hep B required to be completed prior to start, I mean all three steps of the vaccine completed? Now that I've read your post, I'm trying to figure out if this is going to throw me into a six month delay now.
  5. nvRgivNup

    Announce that you passed your CNA exam here!

    Passed my state test July 2010 in Ohio! Skills were: handwashing, position resident on left side, dressing resident with affected left side, anti-embolic stocking, and abdominal thrust--none even required the use of gloves and I was done with all five skills in about 15 minutes.
  6. nvRgivNup

    what have you failed the CNA skills exam for?

    Actually, I passed! My results show that I missed that step (putting one of the pillows under the arm). Not that I'm complaining about passing, but I was confused as to why I did. I checked the registry just to make sure I was listed and I was. I got to thinking maybe because I didn't just skip the entire step altogether, I provided all the supports except for one of them. Anyway, I decided to check the state website skills handbook to see if it said anything about the bold steps. Then I noticed that specific skill was updated in June (took my test in July), whereas the pillows were no longer a bold step. Apparently, my handbook was outdated, which is why they say you should check the online version for any changes in the skills requirement before testing. So, how lucky is that?! I'm so happy I passed!! Thanks for the responses offering advice, though!
  7. nvRgivNup

    what have you failed the CNA skills exam for?

    Anyone know if you miss a portion of a bold step whether you still fail or not? One of my skills was to position the patient to their left side. I did every step fine but knew I was forgetting something and just couldn't place what it was. A bold step on that skills is to "place support devices such as pillows, wedges, blankets, etc., to maintain correct body alignment and protect bony prominences, under head, right arm, behind back, and between knees." I placed a folded pillow behind back, a pillow under head and a pillow under knees that was situated to also support the patients ankles. However, I could not remember to put a pillow under the right arm, I went blank on this. However, I did place the patients arm on top of the blanket that she was covered with -- would this be counted against me since the bold step technically allows me to protect bony prominences with a blanket as well? I am having an anxiety attack waiting on these results--any opinions would be helpful. I'd just rather know either way and be done with the anxiety of waiting. I know I completed all the other skills fine, but this one has me really worried.
  8. I don't think any home health places will reimburse because they don't require STNA/CNA, they generally hire HHA. I'm not sure hospitals reimburse either as they provide a training class for PCA. However, I believe all nursing homes are required to reimburse you; however, I don't know the wait time for reimbursement. HTH
  9. Oh, I also meant to ask if there was a thread just for Cinci State PN students? Sure would make it easier to find and research info on the program without searching all over. If so, please let me know how to find it. Thanks :)
  10. I was just admitted into the PN program at Cinci State. This summer I am taking the Informatics class and once I complete my A&P 2 class (at another college) they will waive my BIO requirement. I will then have all pre/co-req's completed! My question is, how many days per week do you attend class/clinical when you only have the actual PN courses to complete--I'm sure it probably varies per term? I'm very close to Diamond Oaks campus and would love to take classes there but they are only offered during evenings and that's the only time I have with my son since he is school-age and attends school during the day. Therefore, I will be attending the day program at Scarlett Oaks. Another question is, are you locked into an Oaks location once you choose? For example, can I take the first term of PN classes (there are only 2 I will need) in the evenings at Diamond Oaks then switch to the day program at Scarlett Oaks for the remainder terms? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)
  11. nvRgivNup

    Boehecker College(Cincy Area)

    Has anyone actually enrolled in Tri-State Medical Academy for the LPN program? If so, could you offer some input please?
  12. nvRgivNup

    Online Edukan A&P II/DEV. PSYCH

    I'd be interested in knowing how the class went with this professor as well -- I'm registering for fall term and not sure which professor to sign up with. I'd really appreciate the advice.
  13. nvRgivNup


    No problem melpizza. I'm EP in class so send me an email from there to access my personal email address so I don't have to post it on a public forum. I noticed the same difference. I have the 8th ed. and I think she is listing assignments from the 7th ed. still. I only have 35 questions and the page numbers vary from what she has posted. I think they upgraded editions recently. I had the same issue in another class and the instructor said they upgraded editions and all the info was posted from the old edition still.
  14. nvRgivNup


    Thanks tparks for the info, once again. I sure appreciate it! Melpizza, nice to see someone from class here! How's the class going for you? I'm working on getting ahead on all my ADAM labs. Those and the end of chapter questions sure would go quicker if we didn't have to type all the questions out, too! I'm really anxious for Wednesday to see how particular she is with grading them, along with the review questions, webliographies and threaded discussions. The tests I am doing fine on so far. Got an A on the syllabus test and chapter 1 test. I'm not so sure how this next chapter is going to go for me, I'm lost when it comes to Chemistry. Keep in touch:)
  15. nvRgivNup

    Ivy Tech and Edukan or CCCOnline

    Did you ever find out if the classes will transfer to Ivy Tech? I'm taking classes right now at Edukan and plan to transfer the credits to Ivy Tech but never checked in advance. Would be curious to know if I am wasting time and money.