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  1. by   cnaluv
    I passed! A looong time ago! hehehe

  2. by   tavia_yeung
    Quote from tavia_yeung
    i passed my state exam the skill & written exam today for the 1st time. and they gave to me the unofficial certificate along w/ the 2 small cards.

    ...i am so exited...wooooohoooo!!!!!!!!!

    ~congrats to everyone here too!!!!!~
    Quote from keithjones
    what state do you live in? i tested friday and won't know anything for up to a month... sometimes ky lives up to it's backwoods hillbilly reputation! welcome to the age of computer testing! stupid scantron! the 80's are gone. don't mind me ill calm down once i get my results... grrr
    Quote from tavia_yeung
    i took my state exam in california. english is my first language and i was able to passed it so you guys would definitely passed it too don't worry...good luck all!!!!:wink2:
    ...just wanna make a quick correction for my above statement...i mean english is my 2nd language, not 1st:d
  3. by   jessesgirl13
    I just took the final in my cna class and you have to pass the class final in order to take the state exam. so I haven't taken the state exam yet, but I got a 98 on my final. so I am so ready to take the state exam.
  4. by   jaybird55
    passed the written and skills test today so nervous for no reason the examiner was so nice and it was very easy. I had handwashing,ROM and pulse. now to find a job and hopefully find a lpn program in my area. :smackingf
  5. by   FozzyBear09(CNA)
    Passed both written and skills test on 03/27/2010. It was actually alot easier then I had thought. Just take a deep breath and pretend your at work or the test observer isnt even in the room and you will do fine. Now ill be working at a local hospital as a PCT.

    Congrats to everyone else!
  6. by   candyrose
    well i passed my finale exam and clinicals! I still have to take my illinois state test for certification on 4/17/10, but passed the class with 97% and aced my clinicals(skill testing)!!!!!!!
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  7. by   lina.561
    Can you guys tell me what Skills you were assigned?? Please. Thank you! happy easter
  8. by   mizfradd
    to all of you!!!!
  9. by   Mytaty
    I live in martinsville, but have to go to Eden NC to take test on April 14.2010. Can anyone help comtrol my nerves. maybe liek let me know what to thinks. It would help so much...... I love all my fellow nurses.

    Teri Clark
  10. by   BeJuled
    I Passed the CNA exam today!!!!!!!!!!
    Yayy I'm excited!

    Now time to look for a job!
  11. by   blue cna
    Passed my tests and an now in the hiring process to work at a nursing home that I had a day of clinicals in. I'm excited!
  12. by   mandi_b_07
    passed after i had been out of the classes for three years! woo hoo!
  13. by   blue cna
    Quote from cna in iowa
    Passed my tests and an now in the hiring process to work at a nursing home that I had a day of clinicals in. I'm excited!
    got the job