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Announce that you passed your CNA exam here!

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Hello Everyone,

I just passed my CNA exam on 3/30/2012, I was so nervous but the lady there was so comforting. I passed my written and the skills that I had was

1) Hand washing

2) Assisting to feed

3) ROM knees and ankles

4) Peri care (carther care)

5) Respirations

I am so excited I got offered a job at a 5 min hospital drive from the house as a CNA/PCT. Yey me.....

I want to wish everyone the best on all their nursing future endeavors....

I passed my CNA state board exam today!! yay me!!

Took my state test 2 weeks ago and found out 2day that i passed!!!

I passed my exam April 27th!!! went on an interview 5/4 (yesterday) and got the job!! yay!!! now another hard part is trying to actually work as a CNA :bluecry1:

I passed, both skills and written! :yeah:

just the topic i am looking for...

i am going to suggest this site to my son...i have been coming here for a few years...first as a LPN student,as a LPN,as a pre-student for pre-reqs and co-reqs for RN and starting fall as a RN nursing student...my...how time flies..

so..to get on with it...my son,who is 21 is in a CNA class,he just past his final yesterday with a 92 and today started clinicals!..he is so proud....

how is the state exam? is it about the same as the questions in class?...his is june 7th...

thanks in advance for your responses!!:redbeathe


You may want to start a new topic. This thread topic is for announcing achieving certification.

Good luck.

I passed my CNA on June 4th. I will take the GNA paper test and 5 skills this coming saturday.

I passed my test today boooyaa taaadammmmm :w00t::redbeathe:hrnsmlys: I am a CNA NOW !

I finally found this topic, saw it once before but couldn't remember where. :banghead: I passed my state exam here in Florida on july14th, finally after waiting since may 5th when I graduated from school. :w00t: Now I have to wait until the 30th of July to get my license number. Amazing thing is, I have already had 2 first interview with just my test results showing I passed.

I passed my CNA test! I was a little nervous but I did it. It just gives me more confidence that I can be a nurse!

I passed my Ohio CNA exam today!!! The 23rd would have made 2 yrs since I took my classes so if I can do it, so can anyone else!!!


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I passed the Written on 7/13/12 & the Skills on 8/7/12. Now I'm just waiting for my license number to show up on the CDPH in California.

I passed my Wisconsin CNA exam on 8/8/12!!! I was super nervous but I did well!

Just found out I passed my AZ CNA exam first try!

I passed mine today in Georgia! The skills I got were - hand washing, blood pressure, nail care on one hand, ambulate with a gait belt and range of motion exercises for knee and ankle.

I passed Thursday August 23rd 2012......:)

A little late but when I checked the nurse aid registry I got my license on the 3rd of August! Was an exciting day! Another step out of the way to RN!! :)

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