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Announce that you passed your CNA exam here!

jb2u specializes in ICU, ER, Hemodialysis.

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Yaaaayyyyyyyy I passed on friday!

California exam

Hand washing, respirations, ambulating with gait belt, and back rub,

Super easy skills - I got sooooo lucky!!!!!!!!

Written exam was easy too as we did a lot of practice exams in my class!

I passed my Oklahoma testing...skills test I was just so nervous the first time. I walked in and she explained everything and then said your first skill is pernial care.....I paused and was like "WHAT?!?" :confused: We went over that in our class for maybe 15 minutes, so I was so not prepared for that. Then I took pulse for 45 seconds.:smackingf.I know how to do this because I am also a volunter Fire Fighter and have to go on medical calls. Needless to say my nerves got the best of me!

I rescheduled for the next week walked in and passed. I got denture care, range of motion and input/output. Didn't have any problems, was still nervous but I kept talking to the instructor the whole time so it made it a little easier. The written test was way easy! It took me 10 minutes to go through 75 questions. So I sat there a minute and went back over the questions again, stood up and told her I was done. The instructor says to me "in the 3 or 4 years that i've been here I've never had anyone get 100%." I was stoked! So proud of myself! I went back to school a little later in life and wasn't very good at it the first time around....what a relief!

Now I start a job in the PCU here at our local hospital nect week. I am super excited but again.....YIKES...the first medical job is a little scarey at first too. But this too shall pass! :D

Good day, anyone can tell me if you need to wash your hands when you put the bedpan or just take off my gloves and give the signal, toilet paper and towels for washing hands to the patient?

Thank you very much for your information

Happy day

Jhely06182009 specializes in Neuro/Orth/Tele.

gather all ur supplies and put them within easy reach(on the table bed) before touching the bed pan.

I passed with 100% for my skills and 93% for my written. In Arizona we have 4 skills plus handwashing. I had Bedban/Output, Applying TED hose, ROM of knew and hip and Bed Bath. I was lucky for sure. Now the hunt for a job starts. Good luck to all who are studying. Just remain calm and you will do fine.

What did you have to do in order to move up from CNA to LPN? Did your employer pay for it and give you the option of the courses being only one year instead of the typical two years?

Hurray! I passed my cna exam, both clinical and written! Also, my first day on the job was Friday and I am going to love it . . . I do already!! I am in an assisted living facility and I did not even apply anywhere else, I wanted just this particular job! Hurray!

Good luck to all who are still studying. . . i am praying you get your best postition, too.

Add another one to the CNA registry - finished my training 1/26/12, and did skills/written yesterday.

And passed - Ghod only knows how. (misspelling intentional)

Ended up pulling Modified Side-Lying, Back Rub & Radial Pulse. Oodles of mistakes - interestingly, when I reviewed the results the ones I felt that I did correctly were the ones that I got dinged on the most. For instance - thought I aced hand washing & got zapped on turning the faucets off early & not scrubbing adequately; side-lying I made a LOT of mistakes but still passed.

Kudos to my partner, Laura - she did a superb job on all, but especially bed pan (I'm a 5'7" 280 lb. male - which made the task that much more difficult); poor thing had to roll me over & the examiner had me assist even though the scenario said no; plus during the partial peri she got embarassed - and by the time we got to Radial her pulse was all over the map, so the examiner was asking if I'd like to try another partner. Told her 'no' & we were able to finally get fairly close pulse measurements.

And - written was surprisingly difficult! It's multiple guess, but you REALLY had to think on some of the questions; don't underestimate that written in California (especially Red Cross) - it can bite you! Got a 95% on the class final; state written - 88%

So - 'tis done, and I'm doing a few online applications over the weekend; plan on puttin' on th' suit & hittin' the bricks next week to see if I can score a CNA gig. Since I'll consider pretty much anything at this point I'm pretty sure I'll be in the work force quickly.

And - the very best to all the other CNA's out there!

----- Dave

yay I passed mine on the 27th of Jan. God is good :) now I just have to go job hunting. Wish me luck guys! and congrats to all the others who have passed!!!

I took the test this morning, and I am pleased to announce that I passed! I was nervous, but I had studied the skills and reviewed them over and over. I am excited for the next challenges I will face: the HESI A2, and finding a job! People who are going to take this test: Don't panic. I have been out of the CNA class for almost a year, and just now took my test. If you review and keep calm, you will be fine. I also recommend praying if that is something you do. I give thanks and praise to God, with Him, all things are possible.

I am soooo happy and excited, and completely blessed! By the graces of God I can finally say...

I passed my CNA exam today in VA! I took my class 6 months ago and was really worried that I had forgot a lot of the material, but I actually remembered quite more than I thought. I studied somewhat but was struggling to focus. I honestly thought I failed (the skills). The written was okay. It wasn't hard but there were definitely some tricky questions. The skills exam isn't bad it's just the nerves that get you all riled up. I thought I failed honestly because I did miss a step on one of my skills, but apparently it wasn't that important. My partner also missed a step, but she passed. She thought she failed, but she did really good on all of her skills and that was the only step I noticed that she missed, but we both passed! I'm so excited :D

Good luck to everyone and anyone with a test coming up!

racegirl specializes in taken care of elderly.

Passed took exam today,glad its over!

racegirl specializes in taken care of elderly.

Thanks guys,and to anyone who passes you rock.

I passed!!!! My skills were: Handwashing, Indirect Care, Position on side, Pulse, and Foot Care. I was sooo lucky I got easy ones :) Thanks to everyone on here for all your help! Best of luck to all future CNA's! Relax and you'll be fine. I was super nervous at one point, but took a deep breath, and aced it. Practice is key :)

Woah.. I passed my exam like 8 months ago, but still haven't applied for jobs as a CNA.. I think I forgot some skills.. I hope there's training when I get hired as a CNA. ^^

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