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  1. raceman06

    Best place to buy a penlight?

    Hey thanks for the info. I found a uniform store close by and was able to purchase one for cheap. I appreciate the help.
  2. raceman06

    Best place to buy a penlight?

    Hi folks, Where is the best place to buy a penlight and how much should I spend? I have looked online but I have never bought from the websites that come up so I didn't trust them. Sorry to make a thread about this but I keep striking out.... Thanks, D
  3. raceman06

    Announce that you passed your CNA exam here!

    I passed my missouri CNA course on Dec.28th. Woo-hoo. Now if I can only be accepted into the ADN for RN here in March I will be very happy. Congrats to others who have recently obtained their CNA certificate.