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  1. by   Ladicapricorn841
    I passed on Feb. 8th! I got handwashing, nail care and dressing a pt with a left sided weakness!! It was very simple but so happy it is over. I wish everyone luck who has yet to take the test!! Also Roxxie which hospital will you be working at?
  2. by   Kendace
    Quote from roxxie1985
    I got hired at a hospital doing patient care technician. After 6 months they pay for you to go back to school for nursing. EXCITED!!!!
    Wow....How Blessed you are!!! What state do you live in???
  3. by   Kendace
    Quote from Jayleenf77
    I passed! I wish everyone good luck
    Congrats!!! To did it!!!
  4. by   Ev1987
    Congratulations, jayleenf77 and roxxie1985!! I'm happy for the both of you!
  5. by   JinBun77
    I passed, passed, passed. So excited. It was a little nerve racking not knowing what skills I was going to do , but when the examiner finally gave them to me, I was like "well alrighty then." It was very easy and not as stressful as I thought. As for the exam. Some of the questions are a little iffy but I passed so that's all that matters.

  6. by   lina.561
    Hi Im in FL and almost ready to take my State Exam! Im nervous about the skills part of it because I dont think I practiced as much as I felt I should have in lab. So how does it work? They give you a paper for which skills you must do, and you go... you dont know ahead of time to practice before you start? Dang I hope I do ok.
  7. by   roxxie1985
    Quote from Kendace
    Wow....How Blessed you are!!! What state do you live in???
    I live in boston mass
  8. by   destinych3
    I passed!!!

    It took a second try but I did it. The first time I was super nervous. I guess when I knew what to expect everything was cool.

    Off to look for that job...
  9. by   sawyer12
    Quote from roxxie1985
    I live in boston mass

    roxxie - congrats and if you dont mind me asking....what hospital??
  10. by   Pamela C

    I passed, had to take the skills test a second time, but it is official now.
    I am working now as a caregiver, mostly housework and I believe I have a job at an assisted living facility, will know for sure in 2 days, went for the interview, did the urine sample, the RN, said she would be giving me a password for the computer.
    Going to keep my caregiver job, attached to the gent. 8 AM to 1 PM (5 days a week) then 5 PM to 9 PM at the assisted living.
    Don't know how many day, but I know it is every other weekend. Was told $12.25 to start. (Rhode Island)
    Really can't wait to start.

    Pamela C.
  11. by   roxxie1985
    Quote from sawyer12
    roxxie - congrats and if you dont mind me asking....what hospital??
    Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
  12. by   bronxbella66
    I Passed my CNA State Board!!!! Thought that I failed because I forgot on Perineal Care to clean the buttocks, but it all worked out fine
  13. by   Poi Dog
    Congratulations to all