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  1. by   escapebigd
    Today I passed my skills exam!!!! It was such a crazy day! I had ambulate, weight of ambulatory resident, and dependent mouth care. I was so happy when it was done. The craziest part of the day though had nothing to do with the test. While I was waiting on the written exam the nursing facility had a small fire!! So we had to close all the residents doors and evacuate. It only lasted maybe 15 minutes, but it really got my heart pumping!
  2. by   mikejjmay
    Passed Had handwash, making a occupied bed, pulse, PROM on shoulder, and fingernail care. Pretty easy draw of skills. Now i just need to find a job
  3. by   jaytori220
    Took my test yesterday! I PASSED! Go me ! I applied at a local hospital in mother/baby.
    I got positioning, pulse/respirations, hair and nail care.
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  4. by   dallet6
    I passed my written and skills on Nov. 7th! First time with both. What a relief! I was so shocked when I got my skills list. I got weight of ambulatory patient, fingernail care, position on side and ted hose. It didn't seem possible I could get away with none of the hard/time consuming skills, but I did!
  5. by   Gin84
    I passed my course exam today with a 99! I have my state board exam and skills test Thursday!
  6. by   RADIATION_RN
    I took my Texas state exam this past Monday and I passed!! It was pretty easy for me. I lucked out though, I got super easy skills....weight of ambulatory patient, handwashing, communication, brushing teeth, and moving to head of bed. One guy wasnt so lucky, he got complete bed bath, range of motion, making the occupied bed, and feeding the dependent resident. The examiner was really nice and not as bad as some of the horror stories I have heard before. I volunteered to go first, then the hardest part was waiting around for 2 hours just for everyone else to finish the skills before we could take the written exam. The written test was pretty easy, a couple of tricky questions on there. Congrats to everyone else who passed!!
  7. by   superaunt
    I just passed my state exam last night!! Yay me!
  8. by   nrz2bee
    I passed mine a month ago!!! YAYYYYY.. I got positioning, hair and nail, and pulse/respiration. i was so nervous until i met the evaluator and she was super nice.
  9. by   JayNDaysMama
    Hi, I'm a new member but have been lirking for about a month now and you guys are the best! Well anyways...I challenged the nc cna exam yesterday and.... I passed!!!!You Go Girl! The other 9 ladies that tested with me also passed!! Since I have never done healthcare I'm ready to jump right in and find a job in my profession! O btw the skills I had were: Handwashing, assist to ambulate using a transfer belt, bloodpressure, rom knee and ankle, and feeding
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  10. by   nrz2bee I have to find a job.. a little difficult with no experience
  11. by   heather9900
    I passed both exam on Nov 23. Now looking for a job. It seems not easy for me as I am a new immigrant with no work experience in the US.
    Congs everybody!
  12. by   missmonkey
    Woot! I passed my exam today. I was so nervous! It was a piece of cake, though. Anyone who wants to take the course at Long Beach City College (CA) should do it because the prep and instruction are great. Besides the hand washing, I had occupied bed, radial pulse, passive ROM on knee and ankle and ambulation. The examiner asked if I was an RN student because she said that I was thorough and explained things so well to my "client". Aw, shucks.

    On to the work force! Congrats to everyone else who passed in the Southern Region of SoCal today.
  13. by   1969
    Passed today !!!!!!!! Oh, the relief! I was so nervous, but I passed! CA-CNA