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I just recently finished my CNA class, but facilities around here will hire students, so I've been working at a nursing home since February. However, I'm already showing signs of burnout. I think... Read More

  1. by   tokidoki7
    Changing your attitude won't help if your unit is still understaffed and you have to take care of 10 or more bed-ridden patients. I tried that before. . .and it didn't work. I eventually switched to part-time and I am much happier. The unit is still understaffed with only 2-3 CNAs to take care of 30+ patients and the pay is still low, but I'm not there as much. Some things never change. Sometimes it's best to move on instead of sticking around and hoping things will get better, which they won't.
  2. by   totally_nuts
    wow, I can't believe you guys have to care for so many residents on your own and get paid so little.

    I'm a CNA in a LTC facility in Australia. We have 64 residents in my facility and a minimum of 10 CNA's for the 7am-3pm shift, along with the 2 RN's and 3 enrolled nurses (your LPN's I think). The 3pm-11pm shift has 6 CNA's plus nurses and the 11pm to 7am shift has 3 CNA's plus a RN which is more like your ratio.

    No wonder there is so much burnout. Having said that though, I did suffer from burnout - took 3 months off to put things in perspective and now I'm fine.

    For those residents that just seem to linger, I try my best to make them comfortable and to let them know they are not alone.

    It is a damn hard job and at 19, I don't think I could have coped with it.

    Good luck!