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I had a curious encounter at the doctor's office today. When I went in for my physical, a woman in scrubs came in ahead of the doc. She was wearing scrubs but no name tag. We hadn't met before, so I... Read More

  1. by   CMAtblanken
    Since MAs are discussed on this site (and spitefully so at times!), naturally we need to be represented. Many of us have achieved the grades to enter the highest caliber nursing program and plan to go on to become a nurse in the near future. In the meantime, you should realize that MAs normally assist nurses and doctors. This places us into the realm of "professional colleagues."
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    A forum for MAs, and those who want to go into nursing has been added since this thread was first posted.

    CNA/MA - Nursing / Medical Assistant for Nurses | Nursing Students
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    Didn't realize this discussion was several years old! Nevermind.
  4. by   anie10
    This thread is super interesting... And yes, I realize it's old...

    I am a Medical Assistant (not Registered or Certified - UEI didnt provide that option in 96') and the daughter of an RN (who just got her PhD). When I did my externship or worked formally, by virtue of my mother's profession - I would never misrepresent as a nurse for the sake of keeping peace.

    Additionally, I am going to start my CNA training (here in SoCal), and will be proud to become a CNA (which is part of my grand plan to become an RN).

    I liken this debate to my current profession as Executive Assistant ~ I cringe and get ticked off when people equate what I do to a receptionist or a clerk. Like others have said, it's not just the knowledge but its proper application. Which in my line of work, more often than not a receptionist does not have. I can distinguish between what needs to be handled with a sense of urgency and what is not worth my boss's time.

    That comes with training and experience. The same sentiment applies here...