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This is a club for people who love animals and recognize the joy they bring to your life. Be they big or small, scaley or furry, swim or stay on land; tell us about your pets or a particular animal in the wild that you love. Please no politics as there is a club for that and this is meant to be a friendly social group.

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  2. For some reason I can't embed the link but go look up goats in pajamas.
  3. dianah

    An animal that changed my life!

    Very touching, thank you for sharing that!
  4. I can still see her today! Standing in a corral up to her knees in mud and feces. An albino horse. She even had pink eyes and a pink skin. I knocked on the owner's door and asked if he would let me help take care of her. His reply "That horse is just too mean and orerney and would only hurt you, but I got some others for sale if you want a look!" I did look but nothing caught my eye like that albino mare. So I asked if I could buy her. The rancher said the horse was too mean to be broken and would likely be put down but if I could put a halter on her I could have her. The very next day I arrived with a bunch of carrots and began teaching her to come to me for carrots. Once she got used to me I took my halter and rope and ducked under the fence into the corral. That horse laid back her ears and charged at me with bared teeth so I ducked back under to get away from her. Now I am a believer in taking on incredibly lost causes and so I kept trying. At some point she tired enough to allow me into the corral where I was able with my final carrot to slip my halter over her head. She had been halter broke and led nicely as I took her from the corral and led her home. My dad asked where I got that horse from and I told him. He laughed and helped me get her settled in our barn. She didn't like most people or other horses, but she tolerated me. Within a week I was riding her and had the vet out to see if he could tell how old she was. He looked her over and said she was definnately Spanish Mustang stock and when he looked at her teeth said she was probably between 12 and 15 years old. I loved that horse and she grew to trust and love me. We had many adventures together until the day she succomed to colic and passed with her head in my arms. My dad actually used our tractor to dig a hole big enough to bury her in and then he planted an oak tree over her grave. I have had many horses since then but no other horse will ever compare to Popcorn. Hppy

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