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This winter I bought a pair of Merrell slides with the fleecy insides (like the "Chill Stitch" model but these were "Primo" something, maybe last year's model). I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. They are super comfy, were great while I was pregnant, and I wear them nearly every day. Anyway, I'm soon going back to work and want a pair of Merrells that are just as comfy but that my feet won't sweat in at work. So I ordered a pair of Merrells Encore Breeze. But the top band of the one shoe is pressing down on my foot bone. I've had similar problems with other clogs.

It seems very few stores near me sell Merrells, and I hate to keep buying/returning online. Would a half size bigger make sense? Any suggestions on a different style of Merrells that would be super comfy for work? Maybe the Jungle Slides?

I really want a slip-on clog, but please don't suggest Crocs. They don't have the support I like.

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I bought a pair from Lands' End called Fellos. They are fleece-lined and solid, I don't have to worry about getting body fluids through the holes. We are not limited to white shoes any more, so I had lots of choice in the color selection. I think that they've sold out some colors now, though. Anyway, you can order a pair from Lands' End and return them to any Sears store so you won't have to pay to ship them back. These shoes are on the big side so order down if you wear a half size. They are clunky, but I have no problem with my feet getting tired. The sole is very sturdy, gives a lot of support. Take a look at them online!


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i have just received a pair of earth shoes, it's called dharma which is a white leather clog.

boy oh boy those are so comfortable!

they a have a "negative heel" which is supposed to align your posture so that you don't have any knee or lower back pain after walking or standing on your feet all day long. people are raving about it on and i decided to give it a try.

well, they look great, nothing is pressing on the top or anywhere else. leather quality is very good and the soles are truly non-skid. can't wait to start my clinicals and give these shoes a test drive.

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Thanks guys. The Earth shoes look kinda like Birkenstocks. They might be nice.

I did try on some more Merrells at REI. Surprisingly I had to wear a 7 1/2 in the one model. I usually wear 7, and sometimes 6.5 in shoes. How frustrating that sizing can't be consistent, even within the same brand.

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