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Hi there,

Could someone please explain how the clinical rotations work at your school? I am interested in if you have choices of facilities, etc...just basically how the whole clinical rotation works.


Wendy :)

Where I was, it depends on the clinical...some had many sites to choose from (i e for med surg) and others had only one or maybe two (i e psyc rotation).

We got to chose...it would depend on where we live and commute from/to. Sometimes it would be a big pain in the youknowwhat b/c some students are want the shortest drive no matter their own circumstances...but would not take into account other students were single parents....or had a long commute every day to class...etc. I'm sure it varies from school to school and instructors.

At our school you have no choice where to do clinicals and the students have to figure out how to get there on there own. This is right in the student handbook.

While I don't mind, because I am a commuter anyway, I really feel for those students that don't have vehicles and have to take public transportation. The hospital that is the furthest away is about a 45 minute drive.

In my program, we don't get a choice of where we go, but we can turn in carpool requests for who we usually ride with. We can't request a particular site b/c the program director will bite your head off (she tends to be moody). She tries to keep our drive time down, but she's not a magician.

Plus, I live (and go to school) in the middle of nowhere. We have one hospital in town, so for most clinicals we have to drive into Houston (about an hour drive, depending on traffic).

But it's okay, we get by. :cool:

At our program we don't have a choice either. We have one small General Hospital that everyone must do their Year1 and Year2 rotations in. In Year3 we do have a choice for our pregrad work and have many hospitals to choose from in Toronto.



At my school we don't have a choice the first semester. After that they ask for your preferences. They never promise that you'll get to go where you requested.

They also try to work with the students who have to commute to class. They try to give them the clinicals that are closest to where they live. Our clinicals take place within about a 60 to 70 mile radius of the school so eventually we all have to drive.

It's not so bad though, we usually carpool and study during the drive. We're also lucky to be able to do a rotation at one of the best children's hospitals in the country. So it's definitely worth the hour drive.

Allison P

We don't have a choice either. They try to assign us to the hospital closest to our house. If you don't like the clinical site you're assigned to, you can trade with another person.

WOW! I can't get over how many of ya'll are assigned your clinical hospitals. I guess it really depends on where you live. I am near New Orleans and had my choice of hospitals for my clinicals. With N.O. being such a heavy populated area there are PLENTY of hospitals to go around! We have more than I can count on one hand in the city alone!! They have also given us choices outside of the city for those students who live a good drive away. We choose hospitals by which clinical instructor is there. Its all about those instructors...gotta get the good one's!

Good Luck!

we have no choice where we go or who is in our group. we rotate groups every 7 weeks and we go to a total of 4 different places. i wish we could choose people in our groups because then we could have people who live around us car pool with each other. our group comes from many different towns so its hard to ride together to save gas.

We are allowed to pick where our clinicals are, three of our hospitals do clinicals, it goes by day/time slot so you could pick the time you want or you could pick by hospital and work it into your schedule. But it is first come first serve! The 3 hospitals are all in different areas of town so even if you lived out in the country or surrounding towns your drive wouldn't be more than 45 min. Not too bad. I have to say our nursing advisors are great, they are always willing to work with everyone to get a schedule that is as close to what they want as they can.

We have 5 hospitals in our city of about 450,000 plus several other within an hour from here-does that seem like a lot to you? It does me, our 2 big 'health systems' just built the last two this past year I think in competion of each other! Who knows, although our nurse shortage is only about 3% here, reletively low compared to other cities. ok I'll stop rambling now!

I am a student at North Georgia College and State University. At our school first year nursing students begin hospital rotations after about 6 wks. of "classroom checkoffs". We go to the hospital with a group of about 8 or 9 and have one clinical instructor. Ususally the students go to the hospital where their instructor works or that is closest to their house once a week (either Wed. or Fri.). Students start their day at the hospital at 6am and usually leave at about 2pm. The students usually perform basic AM care on about two patients assigned to them. Second year students have a slightly different schedule. They attend the hospital twice a week and stay longer hours. The second year students also have the opportunity to observe in various departments throughout the hospital (OR, Respiratory, ER, Cardiac, ICU, etc.). Students are also placed in speciality hospitals like: Childrens hospitals, OB centers, and Psyc centers. I love clinicals because it really helps you aquire "hands-on" experience. I'm sure you'll love your clinicals too!!

I attend North Georgia College and State University in Dahlonega, GA. I am a second year student and we do not have any say so in the facilities that we do our clinicals at. We do four rotations, 2 the first semester and 2 the second semester. We do an OB rotation, Peds rotation, Phsyc. rotation, and finally a med-surg. rotation. I like the way our clinical rotations work. It gives us a chance to get a feel for many different areas. Well, I hope this helps and gives you a little insight. Have a great day!

Beverly M. : )

Hi, I've been accepted into North Georgia's nursing program for Fall 2012. Our orientation is next Thursday but I was trying to get some background information before we start. The NURS 1100 class says it's on Monday 9-11 and Wednesday/Friday 630am to 3 pm. I assume the Wednesday/Friday class is part of the clinicals and I was interested in your comment about the "classroom check offs". Does that mean that you only attend the Monday class for 6 weeks and then after the check offs, you jump into the Wednesday Friday schedule?

OB-nurse2013, BSN, RN

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Well you can see from my lovely thread I started yesterday that we find out atthe last minute and have absolutely no choice in the matter. I live in a very metro area and we have more hospitals around then I could count there are many options. I think my school uses about 10-15 hospitals..So it could be any of those.

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When I was in school we had no choice in where we were placed except for my consolidation at the end.

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