Clinical thank you gift

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Does anyone have any ideas for thank you gift for the offices where I do clinical? Last semester I made cupcakes and a thank you note but this semester I was way too busy. I want to either have something delivered it drop it off. Any ideas?

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We usually had flowers delivered to the floor with a thank you message on the little card that comes with it.

xoemmylouox, ASN, RN

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Food is always good. Brownies from a box are just fine. It's the thought (and chocolate) that count :)

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I always buy an Edible Arrangement and have it sent to the office or location I worked at as a thank you to my preceptor and also all the staff the helped me get adjusted to the new setting. It's a little more expensive than flowers, but it looks just as nice, tastes great, and is healthy. Plus, if it's a place you would eventually like working at, it makes you more memorable as well.



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If it was an office where I interacted with a lot of the MAs, secretary etc I brought in Dunkin Donuts or baked goodies or got a big Edible Arrangement. If it was really just the preceptor, I got a gift card for places they liked (Dunkin etc.) or a smaller Edible Arrangement. Also a nice thank you card telling why they'd been so helpful. My school gave no compensation, so I felt like they deserved something nice.

Oddly, two preceptors gave ME a card and gifts. It was a little funny, and I'd have felt horrible not having anything for them! Not everyone did preceptor gifts when I asked my classmates.