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3rd semester of ADN program......I have clinicals on Mondays, 7a-7p.


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We've always had ~ 8 hour clinicals 2 X's a week except for this semester. This semester you have (2) 110 hours in ~6 -7 weeks each.


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This is my second semester, first clinical semester, will do an 8 hour shift (7am-3pm) every Sunday. First 8 weeks in OB, Nursery, L&D. Then last 8 weeks in PEDS.

Did my first day last weekend. Learned alot and for the first time I feel like a nurse. Spend most of the day observing PKU's, HEP B vaccinations, Bilirubins...did some minimal assessment of mothers, and just learned the floor routine. I hope to do more hands on this weekend. Also got to observe a DR perform two circumcisions...not as bad as I thought...



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I am in my 2nd semester ADN program, we have clinical 1 day a week all semester. Mine are from 6:30am-1pm on Mondays. Last semester was the same start time, but we were done at 12.

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