Client Identifiers


A practice question states a good identifier is verifying a client telephone number.Has anyone heard of this before?


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In the NCLEX world yes absolutely. In the real world...not so much lol

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Name and DOB are the preferred identifiers for safety. Phone numbers are not unique identifiers.

Some people still have landlines. What if John Smith Sr & John Smith Jr; or Jesus H. Gomez & Jesus C. Gomez, live in the same household and share a common line?

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I wouldn't...back when I first got a cell phone, I got MANY calls for "MRL." (Her initials.) I have no idea who MRL is, only that apparently my number had been hers.

Last year we switched plans, and now my old # is my 14 yr old daughter's. My number used to be my husband's.

My in-laws live with us, so we have 4 adults and 5 children on our landline.

Not reliable enough for me.

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Does anyone in the real world ask name and DOB every single time they administer meds AFTER the first initial assessment? Most of my patient are tubed and sedated but I'm just wondering. Like after your first assessment for mental status and identification. Do you keep asking. Because I don't. I guess I'm a bad BAD nurse.