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How do you clean your scrubs/workwear? Is there a special way to make sure that your scrubs are bad bacteria free? I bought these laundry steam balls that you put in the drier with your clothes. I just want to make sure that I'm not spreading anything to my family. Feel free to give tips to share with everyone. I'm sure a lot of people would benefit from it.

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But Fiona dear, that would require a modicum of effort on his part. I already suggested that. He complains about the flowerbed because it doesn't have a straight edge. And the trees because they're big and close together. And the downspouts because he has to lift them up... it's not worth it.

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And I always thought such pedantic gardeners can be only found in good

old perfectionistic Germany.

Obviously that was a mistake!

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I wash my scrubs all together with everything I wore at work, separately from my other clothes, with regular detergent. In the summer(and on nice days of the year) everything goes on the clothesline, not for the sanitizing of the sun, but for the amazing smell....better than any perfume/lotion that is on the market.(which is good cuz we're not supposed to wear them anymore)

Honestly, I'm more concerned with keeping my hands clean.

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