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When you were in CNA school, what did you do in class? I have heard some say they worked in workbooks, did your instructor do power point, was there any games you played? What did you do n the classroom part?

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We went around and took turns reading a packet, practiced skills, had quizzes


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When I took my CNA class my teacher used power points, we had lecture notes plus our textbook. We also had a quiz after every chapter, homework and we had a new skill each week that we had to practice.

I did the bookwork online; this included tests and practice certification exams.. Our clinicals were on site with a certified trainer/veteran RN.

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In my CNA class we had a work book that we did exercises from, we watched short video clips, and the instructor lectured on various topics (usually w/o power point) and we also had guest speakers come in and speak to us on various subjects.


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Read out of the book, did power points, quizzes, workbook questions, video clips and worked in the skills lab each day we had class. My course was 3 months; 2 days a week 4 hours classes.


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In class we focused on theory and practiced skills. We had a less than enthusiastic LVN as our "instructor" so we were on our own. No Power Points. No guest speakers. :sniff:

We also had projects to do such as a disease, or a food group where we'd have to present to the class.