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I am currently in transition of switching schools from the East coast of Florida to the West coast. I am currently enrolled for the fall to take the following:

Anatomy and Physiology I- 3 credits

Lab for ^- 1 credit

College Comp II- 3 credits

Intermediate Algebra - 3 credits

I was trying to debate what else to take with this? I need at least one more course so I can get my full time financial aid.

My new schools pre-reqs are as follows:

Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab- Fall 2012

Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab - NEED

College Comp I - DONE

Mathematics (College Algebra or Statistics- Statistics Preferred)- Can't take this until after I finish the Intermediate Algebra- NEED - This is holding me back :cry:


Human Growth & Development - DONE

College Comp II - FALL 2012

Humanities - DONE

General Psychology - DONE

Microbiology I with Lab - NEED

I kind of messed myself up with not passing my prep math and switching schools so I did not know what the new school required until I looked into moving. So I will have a lot of down time and I want to be full time both in the fall and spring so I can get in as much as possible.

Plus new school requires me to pass the TEAS exam prior to entrance into the nursing program along with getting my CNA License. Which no offense the CNA license seems kind of like a waste for me since I am not wanting to be a CNA. So I have to do this either now or in the spring not sue which yet.

If you can help guide me as to what other class I should take or if I should focus on some of my other general ed to take with these courses. The only other general ed I am missing is obviously my two maths, my area II humanities(Literature course), my social science V, (government course).

Thanks in advance for any input it is all appreciated. :) I am a great student and I do not work this is my full time career right now getting my degree so I can be a nurse. I have an excellent GPA and I have taken 16 credit hours at once but never anymore.

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Hmmm. Good question! Have you talked to your advisor to see what they suggested?

I know a lot of people that I go to school with have to end up taking a 'filler' class, one that is not needed, just to fill up their credit hrs to get the financial aide. I would suggest doing that if you are concerned about the financial aide and there is absolutely nothing else you can take at this time...

Also, most schools are requiring students to obtain their CNA or STNA...I know my school is starting that this coming fall. It is b/c they teach you the basics...ambulation, bed baths, bed making, feeding, peri-care, my school, the first few weeks were spent on this...they want their students to now come in already knowing this so that they can focus on other things such as physical assessment, sterile technique, med pass and iv initiation, etc...

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What about a Nutrition class? That is very important in Nursing School....or a Psych Class/Sociology class on behavior, child psychology, etc. Any of the Liberal Arts classes would be great for NS....Also, have you learned a foreign language?

Depending on where you live, that would be very helpful.

I learned French(Hey Im in Louisiana!!), but wish I'd learned Spanish and we have so many immigrants in the country, that Spanish is one of the top languages to know.

looks like you've only got the hard ones left.... that's what happened to me too. i had to take all the hard ones together. study a little everyday, that's the trick !

Thank you for all your help and advice. I am going to just take a filler class, like nutrition or something to maintain my sanity. :)

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Thank you for all your help and advice. I am going to just take a filler class, like nutrition or something to maintain my sanity. :)

PS-I love your profile picture :)

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I would definitely look for something filler. If you have the option of something like medical terminology that could be a big help once you're in the program. Knowing that "hepato-" is pertaining to the liver can be a huge help when an instructor says "what organ is afffected by hepatotoxicity?" Otherwise, if that's not an option, go with something like nutrition or fitness to keep you going in the right direction. Good luck!

Is this an ADN or BSN program? If it is ADN try to take something you will need down the road for BSN - my program required music appreciation/art appreciation, a culture appreciation, something like that. Not difficult but needed. Good luck! I always hated scheduling!

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