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For about a year now I have been going through the hard decision of trying to figure out what route I wanted to go for my RN. I've done so many applications and went to so many orientations, signed up for so many programs and I never follow through because I'm always skeptical. Due to the fact that I no longer work LTC and now work in a clinic I wanted to once again get back on the horse of trying to find a school. Now because of the hours I have been considering doing excelsior college because it fits into my lifestyle and schedule again but I still have the skeptical feeling. Can anyone lend some help as to anything about excelsior college?

sorry for the long post

Just ask some specific questions. Someone will come around and respond.

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What are you skeptical about? You can look at the articles under the Excelsior College link and see what others have had to say about the school. I am just starting with them myself.


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I have to say, PixieRN has written great articles concerning Excelsior. I am an Excelsior student myself, as my non-bedside position is now requiring a BSN. I've a long way to go, but right now I am just trying to get through the LPN-ADN part. I am taking a couple of upper level general education courses that will count towards both, but I'm not sure I want to dive right back in yet, so if my current employer isn't satisfied with the ADN, meh, I'll just find other work. I'm a full time employee, I've a husband fighting cancer, a son just back from deployment in the USMC who is staying with me until his house is finished, and an elderly mother that lives close by, so I'm the one of us three children who is responsible for her care (though it is minimal at this point-she's pretty healthy with no dementia). My plate is quite full and Excelsior is definitely the answer for me because there is NO way I can attend brick and mortar classes. I study at night, at lunch, on weekends, on the treadmill, while my husband's getting chemo, etc. It isn't any easier than the traditional way, and in my case, because I also needed general education courses, it isn't any cheaper. I am testing out of most of my subjects, so I also cannot be considered for financial aid. The one benefit I have over the traditional bridge program is that it is more convenient. So, if convenience is your main reason for considering Excelsior because you have a full time job and a full time life, I think it's great IF you can pace and discipline yourself to keep your goals in mind. If you are considering Excelsior because you think it's easier, or cheaper, I assure you, it is not.

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