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I am thinking of Ob nursing. What are the rules if you object to assisting in performing abortions and circumcisions on moral/religious grounds? I really don't concern myself if anyone chooses to do so (I am only responsible for me and mine) but I could never assist a dr do either. Has anyone had luck refusing?




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I don't assist in circs for moral reasons, and this has always been accepted by management in the same way that other nurses chose not to participate in abortions. The important thing is that there is always enough staff willing to do these procedures. On the rare occasion I was scheduled to help with a circ, I have been able to work out something with another nurse (If you do the circ, I'll do whatever you need).

If these are both issues for you, I would suggest you look into the hospital you want to work at. If 90% of the babies get circed and abortions are routine for nurses on the unit you plan on working on, it may not be the best place for you. But, I seriously doubt it would be a problem. You are allowed to refuse to participate in procedures that are against your religious or moral beliefs (this includes circs, abortions, sterilizations, blood transfusions, etc).


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Why are you against circs? Im not trying to start an arguement am genuinly curious. Which religions dont believe in circs, or is this more of a personal belief? Maybe this will help explain why most of our hispanic pop. choose not to circ. I always thought it was just a cultural thing and didn't even consider it as a religious/moral thing. Again I do not want to start a debate. Just want someone elses perspective. Thanks.


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For me it's morality. I can't subject a child to an unecessary procedure when there are real health risks involved (not to mention pain!). I have seen a child almost bleed to death after a routine circ and can't bring myself to subject a child to that risk for no reason.

I also think it is immoral to surgically remove a part of someone's body for no reason, especially when they are too young to decide for themselves. I don't mind if parents want to circ, I just won't participate in the procedure.


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The abortion is for religious reasons. I am Catholic. The circ is for moral. Like the previous poster I find it unethical to perform a cosmetic procedure on someone without their consent. I also don't think they are necessary. Circs are not done in Europe routinely and they are just fine. It was quite a shock when we were expecting #2 and our first boy and my husband, who is circed, brought it up. I never considered it. Both of my boys (2 years and 5 mos) are uncirced and I would have left my husband before I would have agreed to it. Thankfully after showing him a video of one he agreed that we wouldn't do it (while crossing his legs :) . This would have been a non-issue in the UK as I don't think you can find a doctor who will do one.

I try not to be judgemental of others choices but I can't say I am okay with it and therefore can't assist. But I do try to be respectful of others wishes and not put them down. Except when it comes to my own children, then I feel I have the right to fight tooth and nail with my husband over it.



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I'm not even done with my BSN program yet, but I'm with fergus and ayndim. My three boys are not circed. Dh is, but he was actually the one who said "oh, you don't have to do that!" when I brought it up when pregnant the first time. We are happy with the decision.


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On the opposite end, my husband flipped when I mentioned not circ-ing our son. I think it is completely unnecessary, not to mention PAINFUL!!! My husband insisted that it would not be right for daddy to be circed and son not to be, so I gave in. When I actaully SAW a circ in nursing school, I nearly puked, and i went home and told my dh that day that if we ever have another son, he absolutely WILL NOT be circed!!!

On a side note, my son's circ ended up pretty bad. He had adhesions and the whole thing was just painful. He nearly had to be re-circed because the procedure was done incorrectly! Poor thing, he used to scream sometimes due to the stretching in that area. That definately convinced me that the whole circ thing was unnecessary, and had more risks than benefits.

BTW, nurses in NC will be glad to know that NC medicaid no longer pays for routine newborn circumcision b/c it is medically unnecessary. So the tax-payers of NC will not have their money spent on a pointless procedure.


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Okay, I had never heard of anyone being opposed to circumcision on moral ground. Glad you explain that one to me.

I think that anymore, its more about the son being like his dad.

I will agree, the whole procedure is horrible. I was with my son when he had it done (he DID have adquate pain control, I assure you :D) and I honestly don't think that (in hindsight) him being like me was that important.



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Ok my sons [three] are all circed. My father had to be circed when he was 10!! ouch! I cared for a 60 somthing man last semester who had been circed. I think the chart said he had adhesions and could no longer retract.

My dh and I argued about having our sons circed. I had read all the lit. on why we shouldn't have it done. However, my dh told me[from his experience in locker rooms] that boys are cruel to the ones who are not circed. So we had it done.

After I gave birth to my first son, the SN told my OB dr. that I didn't want my son to have any pain killers administered when the OB did his circ. [This was a BOLD FACED LIE!!]. The OB looked at me as he was stitching the episiotomy and asked how I would like it if he waited until the pain meds wore off before stitching me up!!? I was so angry at the SN that I ordered her out of the room and told my OB that she was lying and the reason I chose him was because he DID give pain meds before doing the circ.

I watched my first and last circ. 3 weeks ago. I was fasinated by the procedure, but I will NOT watch it again!!

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