Chronically Ill Teacher


Have worked for this district for 5 years. In that 5 years I have called an ambulance more times than I can remember for one certain teacher. Diagnosed with a seizure disorder, migraine headaches, and has developed hypertension. In between sending by ambulance, have had multiple visits and have even driven this person home when not emergently ill. Some visits were for BP checks, and I have witnessed very poor coping strategies by this individual. Myself nor principals are as compassionate as we once were. This person has very poor coping skills, as I mentioned, and I feel therapy is in order, but have not decided the best way to broach that topic.

I am not sure where to go with this situation, but it seems a different approach is needed, as this teacher is not properly caring for themselves.

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Leave it to HR or admin, unless you feel you have a good relationship with this person.

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I agree. Perhaps express your concerns with your building administrator and have them intervene. Maybe this person doesn't know what to do next.

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I'm speaking of a professional relationship now, but however frustrating this is to you, your role is to assess and intervene according to your nurse practice act. That sounds like a broad statement but not really. Her PCP is the gatekeeper for medical intervention. If her doctor says she can work then she can work. Like Nutmegge said, it's her principal who is the gatekeeper for appropriate attendance and any negative impact her condition may have on educating her students. So, professionally, your role is to keep on keeping on with what you're doing; keeping her alive until EMS arrives. I don't know what your personal relationship is with her but that's where 'friendly" advice would arise for advising some type of behavioral therapy and such but I would advise caution. Sometimes good intent comes back to bite you on the you-know-what.


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All good points. I did talk with admin about this and the topic, so I have addressed my concerns and will let it go.