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Does anyone know what chronic leg cramps might indicate?


Melanie, LPN in 2005

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When i had this problem, low calcium and low potassium were to blame. I increased my intake of both, and i don't have the problem as often.


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Are you on anything like Lipitor?Any meds?


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I have chronic leg cramps and muscle twitching due to severe hypomagnesiumia which requires me to get twice weekly 5 hour infusions of magnesium sulphate! This has been going on now for a year and I have seen every specialist. The kidney doctor says I am losing it through my kidneys but they don't know how to fix it. The oral mag pills made me really sick so I have an implanted port-a-cath now with the frequent infusions.

Another time I had leg cramps turned out to be a deep vein thrombosis (DVT). I have had 3 of them, one turned into a PE. I am now on coumadin for the rest of my life.

Just some other things it could be.

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Not a doctor, but I've seen it in people with PVD.


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Not a doctor, but I've seen it in people with PVD.

Does it happen with exercise, or while at rest?

smk1, LPN

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not a nurse but remember low potassium being a cause when it happened to me. Also i notice that if i have upped my water intake suddenly and drastically and thus am voiding a lot more it happens so again i think dehydration can be a reason.

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