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Christiana Care Externship


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I just had my phone and face to face interview for christiana care at Newark. Did anybody else applied for the externship program?


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Best wishes in landing a position at Christiana from a PA neighbor.

amb218, BSN, RN

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I did the phone interview in mid March and scheduled a face to face interview for the week after but then got offered another position, which was my first choice, so I took it and cancelled the interview. Just curious, but how was the face to face interview? Did you interview for a particular floor and did it seem like they were interviewing a lot of candidates?

LOVEOFRN, can you please private message me as I cannot because I have to have a certain amount of posts and would love to ask you some questions please. Thank you

besaangel, ASN, BSN, MSN, CNA, RN, APRN, NP

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It's hard but not impossible to get in here. I wasn't considered because these positions prefer BSNs. Either way, got several offers from Texas which is where I wanted to go :)

Call the floor and ask for the name of the manager. Address CL to NM. Follow up with HR & NM. dress well and research our company.

All the best

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