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CHOP Nursing externship 2017

lkc15 lkc15 (New) New

Has anyone found the application to apply for the nursing externship at CHOP yet? I know the applications usually come out around this time but I can't seem to find it anywhere. If someone could help me out i'd really appreciate it!

Nope! I'm looking to apply as well- I contacted to ask when the application would be available, and she told me November 30th. Keep an eye out and let me know what happens! :)

Also I'm a little nervous about the application. Do you go to school in the Philly area? I don't, and I'm not sure if it'll hinder my chances of getting the externship! :/

Thank you! I'll keep an eye out for it! I do not go to a school in the Philly area and am also nervous about the application. However, I don't think it will hinder our chances of getting the externship. Good luck to you and I hope we both get it!

Still can't seem to find it!! I am looking to apply as well and saw the comment about it being posted today!! Let me know if you find it!

Its on their website under "Nurse Externship"- search in the acute care nursing page, and it should come up! :)

Thank you so much! Do you know the due date for the application? And good luck to you!

Yup, December 16th! I finished the application but I received an automated email .. Did either of you receive an email? It said there was confusion with the job posting and to apply if requirements are met, I'm so confused!

I plan on applying within the next few days!! (its that time of the year with tons and tons of exams overwhelming everything lol) but that sounds odd!! did you apply through the linked in option or through the other option available? also how did you find the deadline?

Oh totally!! It's finals time! I think I might call just to see what that was about (I'll let you know what they say), I applied through their website but I attached my LinkedIn.. I found the deadline in the email, they attached a flyer for the position with the application deadline and all of the requirements! Also- did you complete junior year or will you be starting senior year in Fall 2017? That confuses me lol

okay sounds good!! I'm going to try to apply within the next few days and I'll let you know what happens when i apply if you haven't called by then, and I will be starting my senior year in fall 2017, so by the time the externship starts I will have completed my junior year!:)

Perfect same here! Best of luck to you I'll keep you posted! :)


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