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hello everyone!

this is my first post on any forum of any kind and its kind of fun!

im a college graduate with a non-science degree very interested in nursing.

ive been researching nursing schools in southern california and found out about Casa Loma School of Nursing.

i was hoping i could receive feedback about this school or about other schools all you experienced professionals out there have been to!!

well, thanks so much guys, i hope to hear from you soon!!

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Hi and welcome,

There are quite a few people here that are from Calif. so I'm sure you will get more specific responses but my thoughts would be that if you can find a school that is reasonably priced and one that you can get into quickly that would work for me. Some people like to check out their NCLEX pass rates but imo I think studying and passing the NCLEX is the responsibility of the student and the information I'm hoping to get from my school is more about learning the skills necessary to be an excellent new grad nurse. Good luck! Jules

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I agree with Jules; the quicker you get in, the sooner it is overwith. And there is no way that any school can cover enough for NCLEX. It involves critical thinking, and good test taking skills, so, it may not matter. I don't think my school prepared me, but I did a good prep of my own and passed the first time with minimum questions. Good luck!

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I'm not sure what type of school that one is that you looked into, but generally speaking, private colleges are much quicker to get into, usually require less pre requisites, etc. However, they are usually MUCH, MUCH more pricey.

Public colleges or vocational schools can be a lot less expensive, but some have long waiting lists, tougher pre requisites and more competition to acceptance.

Look into both and see which one would be better for you. Also, even if your degree is non-science, see if any of your classes are credited at a public college, which they likely would not be at a private college. See if you can talk to any former students, even ask to sit in on a class to get a feel for it. If you do talk to a private college, DON'T let them bamboozle you into giving a deposit, etc. They are for profit and will do almost anything to get you to sign up.


Good luck on choosing! I love nursing school so far!! :)

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I attended Casa Loma College's LVN program at their Van Nuys campus in 2004 and 2005. It served its purpose: I graduated, passed NCLEX, got a job, and have been working as an LVN ever since.

However, Casa Loma is a trade school, not a traditional college. Trade schools tend to operate less like colleges and more like small businesses. Some students who are accustomed to the traditional college environment often become culture-shocked at the micromanaged treatment they receive at private trade schools. Also, be advised that Casa Loma is very expensive.

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wow!! i didnt expect to receive such awesome support. thanks so much for all the advice and encouragement guys!

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