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As of yet there is no thread dedicated to the CHOC New Grad Program for those who applied to the Feb 2011 program. Thought I would start one so that we can all communicate during the application process. I applied to the Orange NICU and was told from the nurse recruiter that they will be contacting about interviews as late as dec/jan...

Good luck to everyone who applied!

CHOC Children's Feb 2011 New Graduate Residency Program

Specializes in Adult Stem Cell/Oncology.

I applied too, for oncology. I also applied to UCLA as well as USC.... If I don't get a nursing job by February/March, I'm going to lose my mind!!!

I applied. My application still says it's "in review".... fingers crossed! :)

I applied for NICU too! Ugh we have to wait til DECEMBER or January to hear back??? This thread is a great idea so we can update each other on what's goin on. :)

Thanks onestepata time for starting this blog. I too recently applied to CHOC and three other new grad residencies. CHOC is my first choice. Iam always checking on this website to see if anyone has heard back from recruiters or has made it all the way through to the hiring process. Best of Luck to ALL.

I applied to CHOC as well on MedSurg. I know they have been doing interviews for NICU and heard they are hiring 4. I was told they will only be hiring one person on 4th Floor MedSurg :(

nmh586 do you know for sure that they have been doing NICU interviews and are these people internal applicants? Thanks for any info...

My friend had an interview in NICU last Tuesday, was not an internal applicant, but precepted there.

Oh my goodness. That makes me so sad they have already started contacting people for the NICU :(

I'll cross my fingers that they will be contacting more people for interviews in the NICU. Hopefully they do not have all the the positions earmarked for people that precepted in the unit.

I decided to call HR regarding timeframes for PICU, but she told me that it depends on the managers. It was a quick call lol. :o

Has anybody heard from PICU yet?

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