What would cause leg weakness to the point of not being able to walk or stand w/in a week of a patient driving himself to the hospital? & is it reversible? His primary dx is CHF.


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I wonder if it's a fluid and electrolyte imbalance. Calcium, potassium, etc.

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Can also be claudication in the lower extremities, even though the patient could drive himself to the facility, how far were they able to walk before being admitted? Did they get tired easily? Were they only able to walk a block or two? Remember that with driving, they are sitting and not expending that much energy.

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fluid/electrolyte imbalance would be more consistent with chf. however, even if chf is the primary dx, the pt. could very well have sev'l other comorbidities such as pvd, cardiomyopathy.....


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It could be deconditioning. Has he been on bedrest since his admission? As it is, CHF patients already have fatigue and activity intolerance, it does not take long for these patients to become weak due to inactivity, or decreased activity.


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on any statins? have to think of seems all of these etiologies would have been thought of...lytes are probably being monitored on daily basis...cardiac enzymes wnl??? a heart attack could cause extreme weakness...maybe a neurologic condition? polymyositis, cva, pulm embolism...good luck...let us know what you find out...make sure pt/ot consult...oh...also kidney failure from overzealous diureses sometimes seems to do it?

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