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When I enrolled for this semester my GC recommended that I take Chemistry before I take Biological Science. She said that the science course has chemistry in it and it would be helpful.

Have any of you take the Biological science first and --if you did--how did you do in the class? Was there much chemistry involved?

Due to scheduling conflicts with daycare it would be better for me to take the science. I have already taken college Algebra so I don't think the math part of chemistry will kill me.

Thanks, Beth


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I took Bio first ( actually haven't taken Chem yet) and yes there is some Chemistry involved but it wasn't anything that I felt I needed Chem for. It was pretty straight forward basic type Chem. My book came with a little practice book called " chemistry for biology majors" and it was a handy little reference/practice guide.


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I took Bio first, too. Based on my experience, I did not feel I was "behind the curve" as a result of not taking Chem first. I made an 'A' in Bio I.

Oh! There were chapters dealing with chemistry, but it was not taught at the detail you will find in Chem class. Also, I don't recall having to do any math oriented equations.


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Thank you so much for the responses! I am not much of a science person, but then again the last science I had was in High School! My husband said it might be a nice introduction to chemistry to give me an idea of whats ahead.

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I think Chem would confuse me

Microbiology had ALOT of chem in it, and I haven't had chem since high school. (Needless to say it was not my best class.)

I made an "A" in Micro. So, it all depends on you. You may have to do some extra studying, possibly some tutoring, if need be, but I'm sure you'd be able to survive the class without taking chem first.

Good luck in your decision, as only you can say what you need. :)

I took chem after I took tons of high school advanced bio and human anatomy and college bio courses. I actually felt that the basic chem I learned in those course is helping me now with basic chem. Best of luck!

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I did chemistry first and I perfered that route. I took biology in a summer cram course so I needed all the extra help I could get. I found that learning it indepth before learning how small parts of chemistry relate to biology very helpful.

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At my school the order MUST be Biology, Chemistry (organic & inorganic), A&PI & II, Microbiology.

The only way you could alter the schedule is if the classes fill up and you sign a waver, have the school approval, and then the nursing dept. has the last word.

I am sure it is quite different in every school, but if I had to pick the order again, I definetly would keep it the same. They are that way for a reason and now I understand that.

Best wishes to you. :)

I have Chem first and then Bio. Personally, I don't want to take either one of them. Not after taking ANA 1 & 2. That class wore me down so much I really needed a break before taking any more classes. Now, I've transfered to another college and guess what, they didn't accpet my Ana transfer credits so now I have to take them both all over. In Aug, I have to take both Ana 1 and chem. I'm very worried as to how this will play out. But, I am determined to get nothing less than a 3.5 gpa. If it means no sleep for the entire semester than that's what I will do. I'm getting out of this circle I'm in one way or the other. Good luck to all of you. :)

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