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Chem Is Not My Favorite

I have taken both anatomy and physio, and LOVED them immensely! Granted, they were tough courses, however I had zero problem with eating, sleeping, and breathing those two classes. I received A's in both.

I am nearing completion of pre-reqs, currently taking CHEM, and I have micro left next semester. The truth is, I HATE CHEM! Honest to goodness, I can't focus in class to save my life. I can't quite put my finger on the problem. My professor is a bit disorganized, and I have learned that my brain works best with professors that are more methodical in their teaching. The class is 2x's per week, and late in the evening. There is absolutely so much to learn, and my brain and attitude towards the class isn't the best.

Am I losing my mojo as a student, OR is it simply the subject matter? Has this happened to anyone else? THANK GOODNESS I didn't take chem prior to anatomy and physio, because I may have ran the other way. The semester is almost over and I am counting the days.

More than likely, I will end up with a B, and I am fine with that at this point. :)

Bye, Chem!

direw0lf, BSN

Has 2 years experience.

Different strokes for different folks :) I love organic chem. Most people I know in school don't enjoy chem. There's probably gonna be more classes you don't like. Nutrition is so boring to me. Don't let it think you shouldn't keep going.

Lol. You're not alone! I loved A&P too. I'm in Chem now. While I didn't love the first half I did at least find it interesting and it clicked. This 2nd half is now a lot about energy which reminds me of physics. I hated physics! I'm ready to be done. I have micro left too. I'm looking forward to it. A lot of people I know really liked it.

TooManyCats, ASN, BSN

Has 3 years experience. Specializes in Critical Care.

I feel like there are physical science brains and life science brains. Just like people who love geometry hate algebra and vice versa. I am in the same boat as you, LOVE life science, I enjoyed every single second of A&P, but five minutes of chemistry and I feel like my brain is numb. It's like a foreign language. I managed with a C, and thankfully it wasn't considered in my application score, but that C was worked for!

I didn't like chemistry either, took general chem for science majors, and also got a B... you can still get into programs with that, and for many/most, don't need more chemistry. Organic and biochem is recommended for some programs, though. I've noticed most programs (at least for ADN) focus on anatomy, physiology, and microbiology pre-reqs the most for points.

Good luck!

I did well in general chemistry since it was a lot of math, but did horrific in organic chem!!! I had Orgo nightmares!

Chemistry is not my thing. I have been depressed all semester because of chem. It's really affected my attitude in school. I have been getting A's and B's in class but I don't know how lol. Just want these next two months to go by as fast as possible. I can learn about bones and disease all day but chemistry is just dull


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