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Checks and Rights of medication administration ?

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Yep I know the titel does sound a bit boring, but I do need a answer on the topic. So if you can bear,...

For my coming up RN exam in Hong Kong I need to know the :

- 3 checks and 5 rights concerning medication administration.

I did find the 5 rights (currently 6 I believe), but can't find the 3 checks

Does anyone have a answer ?

- Also I was wondering if there is anyone who has any tips/trics in how to

pass the "Health Assesment" practical exam (if that is being examend in

the US) ?

Any feed-back would be more then welcome !

As I recieved my RN training more then 10 years ago in Europe I am not used to the English system and the terminoligy used, hence my questions !

Thanks for all the help,


- Back to the books again ! - :confused:

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grey foggy brain

i remember something about checking the med 3 times as we poured the pill

maybe=look at the pill bottle, check again as you pour, and lastly as you cap the bottle = 3 times

Thanks ! Muffie ,.

Helps me already quiet a bit !

I thought the 3 checks were:

1. Checking the MAR to take the meds from the pyxis (or wherever your meds are kept.

2. Check each med again against the MAR when putting it into the medicine cup.

3. Check the med again against the MAR at bedside while opening each one and putting it in med cup before handing to patient.

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5 rights:

Right patient,

Right dose

Right medication,

Right route, and finally...

Right time.

Those are the five rights of med administartion. SCRN1 already gave you the 3 checks...


Thank you all,..!!

Helps me a great deal !


muffie, RN

Specializes in cardiac med-surg. Has 25 years experience.

good luck on the exam


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this is what my current textbook says about the 3 checks:

1) check the accuracy of the MAR or of the printout with the physician's written order (it should contain client's name, drug name and dosage, frequency and time for administration, and route of administration; check the expiration date; check the last time the medication was administered and compare to the drug order)

2) while preparing the medication, recheck the prepared drug and container with the MAR (this second check reduces the chance of error)

3) place the prepared medication and MAR together on the tray or cart; return the bottle, box or envelope to its storage place and recheck the label on the container; this third check further reduces the risk of error

We do the 6 rights.. the same as SWtooth stated.. plus right documentation


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Lectures really make lots o' thing complicated huh?

But these things can be done simultaneously and executed in no time.

If nurses will only start by pondering 'bout this: "Perfect practice, makes perfect".

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