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i received a call yesterday from the associate director of nursing telling me my current position has been filled, and i have been bumped. i am an lpn at a small rural hospital in ohio. i was given 3 opportunities. 1: full time, second shift obstetrics with benefits. 2: full time midnight float. this position includes floating to every unit of the hospital. i would also frequently be in charge of a skilled, long term care unit where i would be in charge of about 30 residents and 2 ventilators. i would be the only nurse on the floor. position has benefits. 3: maintain my current position until the end of the year and receive 2 grand severance package. i have 48 hours to make my decision in writing. i would have 10 days to fullfill option 1 or 2 if i accept them. if i cannot fullfill option 1 or 2 ,within the 10 period, i will be terminated. your opinions are greatly appreciated. :confused:

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so very sorry to hear that. I guess it depends a bit on what the job market is in your area. If it's not the best, maybe take one of the offered positions. You can still look for another job that is more what you want, and still have income during the process. Option 2 sounds scary to me, but maybe that's a normal ratio. Option 1 sounds pretty good, not sure what shift you are on now, but if it's first, midnights might be hard to get used to. Good luck and keep us posted!

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My vote is for option #1. The second one seems like way too much trouble, and the third will leave you unemployed at the end of the year. Best wishes, whatever you decide! :)

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the job market in my area is poor. nurses are working as waitress, as there are no jobs here. i'm thinking option 1 sounds like my best shot to keep employment at this time. if not, i gave it my best, and no one can ask any more than that. i don't think i can hack midnights 5 days a week. i do not have problems suctioning vents to maintain airway. i just don't prefer to be on a unit in charge alone. the ventilator situation just kind of turned me off. i enjoy longterm care, don't get me wrong. i just don't feel comfortable. thanks for your replys!!

Keep your job, option 3 is out. While I empathize with you for being put in this situation, my experience has been that when I am faced with a difficult situation in life, something wonderful always comes out of it....Change brings good things to us, even when it's forced change. And you must be a really great nurse for them to offer you such a challenging position. :redpinkhe

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It would seem the question is how well do you adapt to change. The # 1 option is predictable. You know what you'll be doing, where you'll be working everyday. #2 is just a mess. Midnights. Float everywhere. Thirty pts and 2 vents is a heavy load. You would never know where you were scheduled until you arrived. #3 I didn't at first think this was a bad idea ( I procrastinate) but I think the other posters are right. Keep your job.

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I'd say take option #1 and if you find it less than satisfactory start looking at other employment options while still working at it. This way you have steady income and benefits and can take the time to find exactly the right position without financial pressure.

Also it is generally easier to find a job when you are currently employed.

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So sorry this has happened to you, but I believe employers will continue to bump, and take advantage of nurses who are older, LPNs, have limited opportunities, and have history of injuries. More than 40% of my ER is now new grads(imagine that!) It is very scary that a hospital would do that! Less pay, no talk back, no fight....they just leave in a year. Meanwhile, those will some time or lots of time continue to leave, cut their hours, and be deemed negative if they attempt to direct change.

Take another position, go to school, then LEAVE for something better. Good luck to you......change is here and it isn't so great.....what comes around goes around. This is an employer's economy, the circle will turn......


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You didn't say what your current position is, so I'm not sure how it compares to your options. I'm going against the grain on this one. I'd take option 3. My reasoning is that you've got a job for the rest of the year, and your employer has 2000 reasons to find another option for you. A lot can happen between now and the end of the year. It's a gamble, but the worst outcome is you've got a few months to start looking for another job and money in your pocket. I honestly doubt it would come to that. It costs too much to hire, orient, train new employees while you're a sure thing. Good luck.

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I also am in rural Ohio. Keep your job! Jobs here for LPNs are few and far between... even with experience.

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What is your current job?

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i am currently working on a medical/surgical/telemetry/paliative care/swing bed/peds all specialties combined unit... the obstetrics position is a whole new world for me. hope i can learn it in 10 days.. if not, they plan to terminate me.

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