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Change in Menses


Is it normal for a woman to notice an increase of clots with her menses?.

Should a woman be concerned?.

Is it normal for a woman to notice an increase of clots with her menses?.

Should a woman be concerned?.

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Its quite not normal if the woman always observes her normal menstrual flow every month,incomplete abortion has to be ruled out first,along with other gynaecological disorders,at times a delay in menstrual flow brings about an increase of clots.

Yes! this signifys how much she cares with her health status,and her personal; wellbeing,its also an important factor to ruled out an illness/condition as the case may be.

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I would make sure I made a dr's appt and check with them.

It can be a normal sign of aging . .. happened to me. It did freak me out though and I made an appointment to see my gyn.

Wait until you start hemorrhaging ... and the overnight pads are not enough. :o



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It CAN be normal....but should be investigated. And I don't think its a normal consequence of aging...altho fibroids are very common in women over 35. Would NOT say it's normal or healthy. It begs investigation at the very least....and treatment if severe. I wish you (or whomever suffers this) well. Do not let it just go without investigation. If you are bleeding heavily, it obviously means something is amiss and your health could be affected.

I would make sure I made a dr's appt and check with them.

Yeah! this could be quit ok, but its not all about dr's,as a nurse you have to be more apt and skilled enough to tackled such a situation,to know and educate even others.Nursing is beyond all expectation now!!!!:p :chuckle

I had an excessive bleeding when i was around 18,lyk changing ultra pads 10-12x /day.. sought a physician and found out i got tumor sumwhere.wat can i say but OMG!! .We sought for a second advice and was found out to have hormonal imbalance.. Then i got sorted by taking some pills (twas Logynon, i remember).

it appeared again after 6-8 months, hormonal imbalance? yeah, i presumed so i jus took my own pills again and got sorted..( i know it its not right, but i dun lyk IE 's and cold speculums ..)

1 yr and half..it happened agen..was jus ignoring it till, the blood clots wer so scary to look at.. i was starting to imagine forms outta 'em..didnt tell my mum, i dun have a boyfriend that tym to be honest, so i cant be havin a spontaneous abortion, and it lasted for almost a month. Then i told my mum who almost pulled my hair, took me to an ob/gyne had series of exams, Ultz, pelvic exam, blood tests... and i was told i need to have D & C!! omg!!

i knew i just cant submit myself into that! I just assisted in our OR in a D&C procedure and i almost fainted (i was a nursing student then), now m gonna have one of those?

I insisted w/ my wish: NO Diggin' D&C please.period.

The Dr. was oh so pi*s*d off w/ me tho she knew me but m jus so hard headed, and wsa told its not normal anymore, ther changes in my utz report, blah blah blah..

Col me stupid that tym, i wld accept that today.

Now i have 2 btiful daughters, and the same problem re-occured. I got polyps everywhre!! As in left and right ovaries, uterus.. Had endometriosis at 1 tym and endometriosis the next tym..This tym i submitted myself, got scared, eh? Im a single mum w/ 2 kids to rear. Now,i felt much better now...one more episode andIm for hysterectomy (if lucky ), if not TAHBSO..

We women are complicated, insyd and out.. we must take care of ouselves bec. wer worth it!! (Ha! what u say, guys? ***batting eyelashes***)

Now, go and get urself checked. If this the first tym, its still worth checking. Maintain a diary of ur menstrual activity/cycle.. Be careful w/ those big clots coming out, it can weaken your knees and make u feel afloat..i fainted once and banged my head on a door knob..Jeez.. (ive no poise at all!)

You look after yourself and take care and hope u get sorted asap... keep us posted pls..

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