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I am starting online RN-BSN via Chamberlain College of Nursing from July. Just wondering if any nurses out there who will be starting the program or in the program> Any suggestion/idea is... Read More

  1. by   tottie jackson
    Can yuou tell me about it. Tottie
  2. by   tottie jackson
    ready to start school after 12 yrs.
  3. by   NurseN2000
    Tottie I just finished transitions, one small paper (2-3pgs), one larger paper (6-8pgs), another assignment that was kind of fun, and then the weekly postings. It wasn't bad, I made an A...the hardest thing for me was that the holidays were happening during it, and after having already completed an LPN program and an ADN program in the past, I started to question why i was putting myself through the work of school again when all i really wanted to do was get out into the mall and enjoy the holiday spirit and do some shopping. But otherwise, it is very do-able to focus on a single class when you work full time. I start Soc on Jan 4, and have so far logged on and looked at the class a bit (what is available, the syllabus and stuff), it looks like a little more work but interesting subject matter. A lot of reading it seems. Maybe we'll be in the same class?!? I have 27 credits to go!!!
    PS, I graduated with my LPN in '97 and my ADN in 2000, so it's been a while for me too, my paper writing skills are still rusty lol.
  4. by   tottie jackson
    Nurse N I thought I was reading my story. I was in the lpn nd th bridge rn program. I am with you, I guess I like torture too. When is enough enough. I ready to start. I would like to email you or talk on the phone for info.
  5. by   tottie jackson
    I forgot, Happy New Yearr and wish all many more
  6. by   Boonce1
    I too evidence based and vietnam together . The vietnam had weekly papers 3 pages in length
  7. by   WyndDrivenRain
    I'm doing evidenced based practice and collaborative healthcare together this term. So far they look OK!

    Sue, RN
  8. by   Pixie.RN
    Quote from WyndDrivenRain
    I'm doing evidenced based practice and collaborative healthcare together this term. So far they look OK!

    Sue, RN
    Same here! However, I don't see a "Sue" in either of my classes, so we're in different sections.
  9. by   olivia28
    Hello All!
    Currently I am taking evidenced based practice this semester, I like this class a lot! I have been taking one class per semester taking my time and paying out of pocket. I am thinking of doubling up for one semester so I can finish in december. Has anyone taken health assessment with another class while working and it was doable?

    Hope everyone is doing well!!

  10. by   Pixie.RN
    Health Assessment by itself wasn't bad; what are you considering taking with it?
  11. by   mlizhev
    I took Health Assessment with Evidence Based Nursing and it was fine. It's requires a lot of writing but it in't difficult to do.
  12. by   olivia28
    Thinking of taking it with collaborative healthcare or economics...
  13. by   Pixie.RN
    Collaborative healthcare isn't bad (so far, I'm in Week 3!). Econ took a lot of my attention and time, though.