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  1. I have been dodging this bullet for a long time, avoiding algebra but I can't any longer. Has anyone taken algebra online through Chamberlain? I am not good at algebra. I attempted it through my local community college and only last 3 weeks of a 16 week course. Just want to get it over with but dreading....
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  3. by   shellysoonice

    Unfortunately, I have been putting off the algebra. I noticed your post was from March. How was the class and if you have any advice to share
  4. by   BSNbeDONE
    Quote from shellysoonice

    Unfortunately, I have been putting off the algebra. I noticed your post was from March. How was the class and if you have any advice to share
    I actually took this class and one other nursing course before transferring back to where I came from. I had put off algebra and dropped it more times than I can count at a community college during my on-again-off-again pursuit of the ASN. During your enrollment with Chamberlain, the course is actually administered through DeVry, (at least it was when I took it in late 2010). The course is 8 weeks, but I completed it in two weeks and was in total disbelief that I had finally completed it after all these years! It is very doable! Depending on where you score on the pretest, that will determine what level of remediation you will begin with.

    Word of advice: do the best you can on the pretest because there are several modules to be completed in each level of remedial courses. I had 2 attempts to for the pretest. I passed the first one but their passing is 84 or 86. I think I made an 82, so had to do it over. I wasn't as bad as I thought I was in algebra, thank God, because some of those students were working on the remedial levels for 2 semesters or more because there are many. If I recall correctly, they range from Math 90 or 100, to Math 114 (college algebra). There are MANY!

    They way it was set-up back then was, if you didn't complete any nodule during the course of the 8 weeks, you had to pick back up where you left off at the beginning of the next 8 weeks. If you did complete a module before the 8 weeks is done, you are allowed to move on to the next. These modules don't count towards you grade, but you must score in the 80s to move on to the next one. Once you complete the actual College Algebra course, if in advance, you cannot move on into Statistics until that class begins. And you will be required to login weekly until the actual algebra course ends to show that you are in attendance. It was all open book, using whatever resources you had available. But the exams were timed, yet still open book.

    After completing all of those modules, if they are still set up that way, you will have no problem at all with the actual for-credit course. Seriously, there is absolutely no need to fear this course through Chamberlain/DeVry.

    Good luck!
  5. by   shellysoonice

    Wow! What an amazing feedback so Thanks for that. I'm starting on Monday with the higher math 114. So basically, I'm able to move through the course at my own speed as long as the exam score is 80%? Am I understanding that correctly?
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    Keep in mind that the 114 course has modules, too. Each one of those must be in the 80s before you can advance to the next one. But yes, you can move as fast as you want. I was up at 0530 working out problems on my days off, stopping only for lunch and bathroom breaks. I closed out at 8pm on those days. I was actually excited to be able to finally know a little bit about what I was doing in math.

    Be be sure to do your signs, +, -, power signs (^), accordingly. This caused me a LOT of grief in trying to figure out what I was doing wrong with some of those problems. The system has a set way to insert those. For example, -7/-3 is not the same as (-7)/(-3), is not the same as (-7)/3 when they are grading your answers. The latter reads (negative seven thirds). -7/3 is the same in my eyes. But if I remember correctly, those parenthesis and those power signs (^) are a killer if improperly placed. The instructions tell you just where and when to use them. I just remember them causing me a lot of grief on a couple that read the same way but presented differently. One more example is seven to the third power is either 7^3 or 7(^)3 or 7(^3), I don't recall.... But the system has it hyperlinked where you would insert the correct answer. Keep your eyes open for detail, especially when you KNOW your correct answer is being marked as incorrect.
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    I took 114 in January. You can only move ahead at your own pace if you do the blended class-- online and campus. You cannot finish early if you do online only.
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    That is correct. I did 032 and 092 online. I hadn't taken algebra for 45 years. I used the iConnect lectures and got a tutor. The college was great and let me come to class on Mondays and Wednesdays. It was my saving grace. I am taking 114 at the campus and will do the same for stats! I got 97.3% but couldn't have done that entirely online!